Tuesday, 30 June 2009

BY-election date set for July 23

The crucial Norwich North by-election, which if Labour loses will re-open party sniping at Gordon Brown, is to take place on Thursday, July 23.

In the Commons, Government business managers have moved the writ for the contest which was forced by the resignation of Labour's Ian Gibson, amid the expenses and second homes row.

He had a 5,459 majority at the 2005 General Election which would be toppled on a 5.9% swing to Tories.

2005 result: Ian Gibson (Labour) 21,097 (44.9%), Conservative 15,638 (33.2%), Liberal Democrat 7,616 (16.2%); Green Party 1,252 (2.7%); UK Independence Party 1,122 (2.4%); Independent 308 (0.7%). Turnout: 61.1%.


This leaves just 23 days of campaigning for all parties, and the pace promises to be fast and furious in this midsummer heat.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk, is launching its own dedicated campaign against policies that are hateful, divisive, simplistic and deceitful, that is, the policies of the BNP, personified in the person of the Norwich North BNP candidate, the "Reverend" Robert West.

Keep watching this space for more details.

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