Monday, 15 June 2009

Hope not Hate, Norfolk, Against the BNP

A small band of determined campaigners was formed earlier this year in order to keep the divisive British National Party out of Norfolk in the local elections and European elections held on June 4.

Members of the team are different in many way. Different ages, backgrounds and even politics, we are united in our love for Norfolk, and our determination to confront and defeat in our region the BNP's politics of hatred.

Together with the great anti-fascist activists of Norfolk Unity, we canvassed throughout Norfolk. Travelling from Kings Lynn to Great Yarmouth and back to Norwich, distributing HOPE not Hate leaflets and posters and engaging with whoever wanted to talk we let people know why we are against the policies of the BNP.

Election results showed the BNP did not gain any MEP seats here, despite their confident predictions, but we know the fight is far from over.

Our country is facing many difficulties and challenges. Now, more than ever, we should be working together in problem-solving, not finger-pointing

HOPE not Hate, Norfolk is officially launched today as part of these continuing efforts against the BNP, who have not finished campaigning in Norfolk yet.

Hope not Hate Norfolk team has set this blog up as a regional hub of the main Hope not Hate.

The battle against the BNP and for common sense and common decency continues.

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