Tuesday, 23 June 2009

UKIP's Glenn Tingle

Here is the UKIP candidate in his own words, just as they are written, as he introduces himself on the UKIP site:

Hi, I'm Glenn Tingle the UK Independence Party candidate at the Norwich North by-election.
I am an ex-Army medic with the Royal Army Medical Corps. and I now run my own local construction company.
I am very concerned about the way Great Britain is being given away to the EU.
I joined UKIP so I could represent the views of the majority of the people in this country - to have control of our borders and our fishing waters.
To be able to expel illegal immigrants and be much stricter with the way migrants are allowed in to start with. furthermore we as a party once elected would tear up the Human Rights Act - so the criminals get treated as such. At the moment the law seems to be on their side where it should be supporting the victim.

So Ukip policies for the people and well-being of Norwich North as expressed by Glenn Tingle are:
- anti-EU
- pro-border controls
- pro-fishing water controls
- anti-Human Rights Act
- pro-tougher measures on criminals, illegal immigrants and even legal migrants

Mr Tingle also claims he would represent the views of 'the majority of the people in this country', and denies that he is a racist.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk, however, has concerns about Mr Tingle's readiness to scapegoat immigrants.

Last week armed police were called to a house in Gertrude Road after neighbours heard "gunshots". Four men and two women were arrested but later released. 

In the meantime Ukip issued a press release, describing how Glenn Tingle, its parliamentary candidate for Norwich North, had collected signatures from local people calling for the eviction of the Eastern Europeans "allegedly involved in the gun play". Mr Tingle said at the time: “We really cannot have this lawlessness in our society. It is a symptom of the failure of national politicians to face up to the immigration issue.”

Michael Walker of the anti-racist group Hope Not Hate said: 
Ukip claim not to be racist but their feeble attempts at linking immigration to a local story demonstrates they are just a middle-class racist party and that on the ground there's no difference between the BNP and Ukip except the suits that they wear.

Norwich is a multi-cultural community and the last thing it needs is people bringing racist sentiment and trying to make party political advantage from a non-existent situation.

The fact that no weapons were found and that nobody was charged with anything only demonstrates that it's Ukip that shoots from the hip and that they should get their facts straight before trying to create racial tension.


  1. RE: Michael Walker's comments about UKIP

    I'd like to make a complaint about Michael Walker's ignorant comments about UKIP; making such sweepingly unintelligent statements that he probably picked out of newspapers with a reading age of 12 such as "ukip are bnp in suits"

    I'm a Turkish born Brit. I am a member of UKIP, working for UKIP right now. I'm also the Vice Chairman of Young Independence, the youth wing of the party.

    So how Mr Walker can make bizarre claims that UKIP are basically the BNP is beyond me. I've campaigned with Hope Not Hate before and so have other UKIP members, there's plenty of other valuable organisations like yours but we've always perceived your organisation to be more intelligent but after Mr Walker's comments my respect for your organisation has gone right down.

    I hope that you ensure that Michael Walker does his research before he makes ignorant and unfounded comments. It really does make Hope Not Hate look less credible.


    Yasin Akgun

  2. Hos Geldiniz to HOPE not Hate, Norfolk, Yasin, I am interested to learn that you were born in Turkey.
    My first real job was class teacher in a Turkish school in Anatolia, where the Turkish parents were most friendly and hospitable to me as a foreign migrant worker during my two-year contract.
    I have forwarded your comment and will write more after receiving a response.
    Gule Gule!

  3. If foreign nationals were involved in the 'gun incident' then they should be deported, but that of course is not possible if they were Eastern Europeans as we are in the EU.

    People always try and bring race into these issues when that is not the case here. A firm but fair immigration policy, where foreign nationals are deported if criminals, is totally different from a racist immigration policy.