Sunday, 28 June 2009

"Reverend" West in his own words

"Reverend" Robert West is the BNP candidate in the Norwich North by-election.

He has strong views on the Christian Churches, women's place, race, and homosexuality. These views he often justifies with Biblical quotes.

About 'institutional churches' West said:
"The Christian Council of Britain is a group set up to represent Christian values and the Christian Heritage of the country.
"A big problem with the institutional churches is that they seem to have lost their way."
When asked who he was referring to, West said he was referring to The Church of England, The Methodists and a "large number of Baptists."
"They have almost become extinct in their faithfulness to holy scripture" he said.

About race he wrote:
'I feel that I can endorse — from a Christian viewpoint — the BNP’s stance on race, immigration, ethnicity and voluntary repatriation.
Whilst the BNP is a secular and not a religious party, its views generally agree with the Bible’s own teaching that we are to live as nations, in our nations, and not to submit to a "resurrection" of the Babel thesis of one undifferentiated mass under some form of, probably dictatorial and very unstable, world governance.
"The mixing of races challenges the glory of God" he said, and the BNP placed online a video of a speech by West, who stated that a multiracial society is "a transgression of God's will."

About women he claimed:
"the market has been flooded with women working and it would be better if they stayed at home".
"The domestic sphere is a natural place for a woman to be," he said. "I honestly think it is woman's right to be at home. Women should get married and their first priority should be the home.
"Recently the home has been abandoned and this modern way does not work. I think many women agree with this, even though they are working themselves.
"This is my view and I hope to get the people of Norwich to listen to this."

About homosexuality he wrote:
"the moral law within our nature teaches us that sodomy/homosexuality is hateful. It will not be good for the law of man to fight that. It will be like a dam across a torrent, storing up trouble for the future."

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