Monday, 22 June 2009

BNP Considering Candidate for Norwich North

Thanks to Norfolk Unity, HOPE not hate, Norfolk has learned that the BNP is virtually certain to stand a candidate in the Norwich North by-election, whenever this is called.
Although the party cannot win the seat, it aims to save its deposit to bolster its claim to be a mainstream political party.
Norfolk Unity understands that the candidate will be the "Reverend" Robert West.

Robert West
Robert West, always seen wearing a dog-collar, is the founder (and perhaps sole member) of his own "front room church", Grace Covenant Fellowship.
West has consistently refused to say into which church he was ordained or who ordained him, making it impossible to confirm that his orders are valid.
According to one site, Mr West is an ordained elder with the Apostolic Church, but West’s church affiliation remains mysterious. The website of the Apostolic Church of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no mention of him, and the denomination’s leader does not wear the sort of clerical garb that West appears in.
The term “Apostolic Church” could refer to a number of organisations.
Robert West has made a number of controversial speeches. For example, he states that there should be no interracial marriage and quotes the Bible as his source for his belief: ‘God has commanded the people to separate. We are not equal.’

Norwich North
The constituency of Norwich North includes parts of two local government areas, Norwich and Broadland with the majority of the electorate in Norwich City. The Broadland wards of Mile Cross, Sewell, Crome, Thorpe St Andrew, Sprowston, Old Catton, Catton Grove, Hellesdon, Drayton and Taverham fall within its boundaries.

The One Percent Challenge
Although the BNP cannot win the seat, HOPE not hate, Norfolk, is challenging the electorate of Norwich North to vote in force to keep the BNP share of the vote to less than one percent, campaigning under the slogan "There's always one. . .".


  1. Thomas Richardson (BNP)has proved how racist he is by being sick of seeing asylum seekers coming to the Uk.This indicates to how many troubles will happen IF this racist win Election communication.Such a racist person pushes our Great Britain backwards not forwards

  2. Ermm. I think you got the wrong election, Anon. This is the one that West lost. Thanks for interest, but if you want to publicise Thomas Richardson you have failed at the first hurdle.