Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The 'One Percent' Challenge

The Norwich Evening News today reports that the Green Party has pledged to fight for the parliamentary seat left vacant after Dr Ian Gibson's resignation.

The party opened nominations for potential candidates with a vote on who will stand to take place next week, according to the report by Rob Garratt. The by-election has been called after Dr Gibson's retirement earlier this month following his involvement in the expenses scandal.

Despite the fact the Green's traditional stronghold has been in south Norwich, they have been propelled by winning two new north Norwich seats, in Sewell and Mile Cross, in the county council elections earlier this month.

Adrian Ramsay, the candidate for Norwich South and deputy leader of the national party, has ruled out standing himself. Mr Ramsay said: “It's an exciting time - we had a fantastic result on June 4 and while our support is much stronger in the south we did win county council seats in the North for the first time - more than Labour or the Lib Dems - and we will be providing a strong challenge.”

Labour are yet to name who will be standing in Dr Gibson's place.

Other candidates are Glenn Tingle (UKIP), Chloe Smith (Conservative), Craig Murray (Independent) and Bill Holden (previously Independent), as noted in ukpolling report.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk organiser, Sid Frisby, suggests that the BNP, still riding high on their success at gaining two seats in the European Parliament, may 'parachute' a candidate into the area to stand for election to Parliament.

The BNP were thoroughly routed in Norfolk in the June 4 council and European elections, but Mr Frisby is not resting on his laurels.

HOPE not hate will be campaigning once again to encourage voters to find out more about the serious lack of content in BNP promises and policies, and about the negative and destructive BNP views on modern Britain.

Sid Frisby (using a suggestion from Michael Walker) is challenging the electors of Norwich North to vote in force to keep the BNP share of the vote to less than one percent.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk, will be campaigning under the slogan "There's always one. . .".

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