Friday, 26 June 2009

BNP's West wants people of Norwich to follow his line. One does.

At the start of the week we learned that the British National Party (BNP) had confirmed that the "Reverend" Robert West will bid to become the next Norwich North MP.

Norwich Evening News 24 reported on June 23:
Mr West caused controversy on BBC1 in February when he said the answer to the recession was for women to “work at home” and he is against all forms of multi-culturalism.
And the 53-year-old, who lives near Spalding in south Lincolnshire, said today: “We are taking a strong anti-immigration line. And we are against the issue of sovereignty to the European community. I believe multi-culturalism is unnecessary and evil.
“I want the people of Norwich to follow this line and realise we have not been tough enough on immigration. I do not want anywhere in this country turning into the Middle East.
“This is Britain and I will fight to keep it that way.”
Mr West said although he does not live in the city he believes he can represent people here because he comes from a “rural community” which is similar to Norfolk and he has lectured for the University of East Anglia (UEA).

These policies were criticised by several Norfolk politicians. North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb said to the EN reporter:
“I want voters to reject extremism and if anyone stands for the BNP they should be rejected. They are a racist party and are preying on vulnerable people.
“I believe in treating people equally and this party does not share this view.”

These comments provoked a furious response from an EN reader, who wrote:
North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb stated:
"I want voters to reject extremism and if anyone stands for the BNP, they should be rejected."
Surely this decision is the prerogative of the electorate at the ballot box.
They are not stupid and will vote for the party that offers what they want.
Mr Lamb et al should really concentrate on promoting the "virtues" of their own parties instead of wasting time and money castigating the BNP.

Fred S Curtis
Valley Road New Costessey

Which prompted a response in turn from alert reader, HOPE not hate, Norfolk's Sid Frisby:
I note with some interest the letter from Mr Fred Curtis "let voters make their choice".
Could this be the same Fred Curtis who, according to the leaked BNP members list, is currently a member of the BNP?
I am sure that the voters will make their own choice when the BNP tell us what they really stand for and drop the pretence of being a democratic political party.
Sid Frisby

Woodcock Close Norwich

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