Sunday, 28 June 2009

Stakes are high for Ukip

The UK Independence Party has been campaigning in the heat of the day to raise the profile of its campaign for the Norwich North by-election.

Party Leader, Nigel Farage MEP was expected to join the volunteers today, and on Monday June 29 it is planned that he will be carrying out a variety of commitments including the unveiling of the Party's 'clean start for Norwich North' campaign posters.

While he is in Norwich, Mr Farage will publicly call for Gordon Brown to set a date for the by-election, in the interests of the constituents of Norwich North, who have had no representation at Westminster since June 8.

Glenn Tingle, UKIP's prospective Parliamentary candidate for Norwich North said:
"I am honoured that Nigel will be with me in the constituency. His personal commitment to Norwich North is a huge step forward for my 'clean start' campaign and amply demonstrates the importance with which the Party is treating this by-election.
"I am greatly looking forward to working alongside him."

Ukip is aware that the stakes are very high. Even before the results of the elections of June 4, Michael Heaver (Chairman of UKIP's youth wing) wrote:
"It is imperative that we stand in the Norwich North by-election. It is occuring as a result of a Labour MP caught up in the expenses scandal, in a city that is not afraid for voting outside of the old parties; Norwich South, the bordering constituency, has a big Green party presence and I believe it may return a Green MP at the next General Election.
"If UKIP wishes now to stand as the anti-sleaze, anti-establishment outfit then visibility must be high. If we are to succeed in doing this, then UKIP members far and wide must pile into the constituency during the by-election and carry on the momentum we have at the moment. There will not be a better opportunity."

Overshadowing the Ukip Norwich North campaign have been allegations that Glenn Tingle was once a member of the National Front.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk, believes it is in everyone's best interest to clear this matter up once and for all, and has called on Mr Tingle to respond to these allegations.

If these allegations are unfounded, then they should be laid to rest.

It is high time that Mr Tingle cleared his name or owned up to a past error of judgement.

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