Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another shameful BNP candidate

There's Nothing British About the BNP calls on Nick Griffin MEP to sack Nazi saluting misogynist and BNP Thurrock council candidate Mark Onion

Five facts about BNP candidate Mark Onion:-

1. BNP candidate in the Orsett Ward, Thurrock Council local elections.
2. Posted pictures of him doing a Nazi salute while wearing a Help for Heroes wristband.
3. Finds films about the Holocaust and Slave Trade "amusing and funny".
4. His favourite books include "Mein Kampf" and the "Final Solution".
5. Jokes about violence and rape against women. On April 4th 2010 he wrote: "If she aint wearing da red gear il punch her knock her cleen out n rag her a few times."
Nick Griffin says he doesn’t support misogynistic sentiments. He says the BNP is no longer racist. He claims it is no longer anti-Semitic or sympathetic towards the Nazis.
And yet he supports and his party has selected a candidate that has Nazi sympathies, makes jokes about violence and rape against women, and finds films about crimes against humanity "funny and amusing".
James Bethel, director of Nothing British, said:

Mark Onion is a misogynistic, Nazi sympathising bigot who views on women firmly belongs in the dark ages. Voters will see that both he and the BNP are a disgrace to this country. There is nothing patriotic about the BNP.
A Help for Heroes spokeswoman told Nothing British:

The money that we raise at Help for Heroes is used to support wounded Servicemen and women of every colour and creed and we strongly oppose any individual or political party who believes otherwise, and those who seek to use the charity’s name for their own political gain.
Simon Weston, a Falklands veteran and campaigner, said:
The man says women should be beaten, salutes the Nazis, finds Schindlers’ List ‘funny and amusing’- do people really want this as their representative? What sort of society are we living in if we can produce this behaviour?
I’m appalled that he has been selected to stand. He’s meant to be in the heart of local politics."
The values of the Armed Forces are polls apart from the BNP. Soldiers are risking their lives to defend the rights of women and children in Afghanistan.

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