Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sun shining on Barking and Dagenahm

HOPE sign about to be put in place

Today must be the warmest and sunniest day of the year. A day for work in the garden, sunbathing, a walk in the park -

Not so at HOPE not hate HQ where hundreds have turned up for a Day of Action in a direct challenge to Nick Griffin and the hateful policies of his party, the BNP.
Newspapers at the ready thanks to office volunteers

Bulletins from Hope not hate in Dagenham told a story of days of feverish preparations of the leaflets and newspapers to be delivered, and then the waiting for people to answer the call to action. Slowly people began to arrive in couples and handfuls, then bus loads and trainloads, even a Spanish film crew.

The first 40,000 newspapers were delivered, then two hours later more than 80,000 had gone. By midday the planned areas had all been covered and maps were being drawn up for a couple more wards in Havering.

Before it was 2 p.m. all the newspapers had been delivered. The turnout was greater than anyone had dared to expect, and the activists completed their foot-slogging pavement-bashing in good spirits.

An impressive turnout on a beautiful day to demonstrate against the appalling BNP.

Compiled from reports by Nick Lowles.

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