Thursday, 15 April 2010

Norwich South candidates clashing over economy - but no comment from the BNP candidate

The candidates for Norwich South have clashed over which party would best revive the economy.

Labour candidate and former Home Secretary Charles Clarke MP said the most important thing that Labour had to offer voters in Norwich was a "buoyant economy". He said:

I believe Norwich has done relatively well because we have strong organisations and strong businesses and it is most important to see it continue.

Simon Wright, the Liberal Democrat candidate, said:

We would be forcing the banks to increase the loans they give to small businesses. We want extra job training and we would also create more internships particularly to help young people hit by the recession.

'Supporting growth'

Green Party candidate and deputy leader of the party Adrian Ramsay said:

I think we need to be creating jobs that will last. We should be manufacturing far more of our good and food locally to the economy back on a firm footing.

He said the city was a centre of manufacturing industry in the past and could be again in the future.

Antony Little, the Conservative candidate said:

I think it is coming down to a real debate about whether we want to tax the economy or free business up to grow and employ more people. The Conservative Party has outlined strong policies to support growth.

Stephen Emmens, the UK Independence Party candidate said:

I don't think that British companies should be employing people in call centres overseas. We are the anti-EU party and the benefits are obvious. If we get out of the EU, we'll be able to use our contribution of £14bn straight away. British people should decide where British money is spent.

The candidates so far announced for Norwich South are: Conservative: Antony Little; Labour: Charles Clarke; Lib Dem: Simon Wright; Green: Adrian Ramsay; UK Independence Party: Stephen Emmens; BNP: Len Heather.

BNP's Len Heather - no comment


HOPE not hate, Norfolk made a diligent search but could not find any comments about the economy or indeed about any Norwich South concerns from the BNP candidate.

Len Heather was until very recently the BNP's organiser for Basildon, Billericay and Wickford. I cannot find any evidence of links to Norwich or any evidence of any particular interest in Norwich South.

His most recent political activity seems to have been setting up an unauthorised BNP stall at Chapel Ruins on the High Street of Brentwood in March 2009, only to be moved on by the irate curate at St Thomas' Church, Fr Matthew Bernand, who called the police.

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