Friday, 30 April 2010

Len Heather, candidate for Norwich South

From BNP Eastern Region Information:

My name is Leonard Alfred Heather, I am aged 71. I left school in 1953 and because of my family connections with the London docks and the river Thames, I was apprenticed as a Lighterman working on the river Thames on tugs and barges in and out of all the various docks carrying all sorts of different cargoes to the various wharfs the length of the Thames, which I did for 42 years.

I was young when the war started, three of my close relations went to war. My father and my mother's brother having been solders in their earlier lives were immediately sent to war and my father's brother 'William' was a seaman on the Atlantic run. In Oct 1942 uncle William left his Laindon home, his wife and three children the oldest one just starting school, it would be the last time he would see them, his ship got sunk and there were no survivors,

I wonder what was going through his mind when he was cluching the side of a burning tanker waiting to die. My father and uncle Jim were with the 51st Highland division who's order's was to hold the German forces back while the Dunkirk evacuation took place and then surrender. Uncle Jim lost a leg in that campaign and they spent the remainder of the war in a prisoner of war camp.

Previous generations have paid a terrible price for us to remain free - keeping our great history and culture going, and what's happened !!

You cannot even call yourself English anymore in this country, people have been fined.

I believe our relations paid this terrible price believing they were doing it to save our country's identity for future generations' and would not have done so if they could have looked ahead and been able to see the rot and decay our treacherous post war politicians have done to their once great country. All of this is down to allowing large numbers of third world immigrants to pour into our country bringing their backwards way of life and large amount of children.

Whole areas of our green and pleasant land are now no longer British, and these area's are getting bigger by the day, within 30 years this country will no longer be Britain because by that time the indigenous population will be the minority, when that happens then, goodbye Britain, goodbye England - it's history and culture, we will have given our country away without even firering a shot.

By Len Heather, exactly as written on the website introducing him as a parliamentary candidate for the BNP
Mr Heather, it is good to meet you, and you have indeed had a long life with a lot of experiences.

I see from other sources that you have been active with the BNP for some time in London, but not in Norfolk, let alone in Norwich.

With respect, what is your connection to Norwich South? What do you know of the problems and concerns of the people of Norwich South?

You have made some assertions in your introduction. For example, you claim that "people have been fined" for calling themselves English. This is a statement of fact, but who are these people, and under what circumstances were they fined?

You have told us about yourself and your concerns at some length, but you have not once referred to Norwich. What is your reason for standing in Norwich South? What do you have to offer the people here? Why do you want them to vote for you? What will you promise to do for the people of Norwich South?
You seem to be interested in English culture and history, but in a very pessimistic way as you state it is about to be given away "without even firering a shot". Perhaps do not realised how the Arts thrive in Norwich, and how the City is bidding to be a European Capital of Culture?

There are no plans for Norwich to fossilise into one version of culture and history, especially not the stunted BNP version.

You do not mention jobs, local taxes, rates, local business, schools, police and healthcare. Why not?

I do not want to be unkind, Mr Heather, but what on earth are you doing standing for a seat in Westminster representing the people of Norwich South?
It is obvious that nobody in the BNP has bothered to edit your typos, nobody has advised you on how to present yourself, and nobody has briefed you on local issues.
Why would the BNP seek to humiliate you in this way?


  1. Sounds to me like you have hate for the BNP party.

    I have stumbled upon your blog and after reading some posts, realise how your slogan 'Hope Not Hate' is being contradicted by your very self.

    You are taking the worst and most negative evidence that is remotely related to the BNP and displaying them.

    Have you ever looked into some of people that might follow the other parties and the actions they might have take in relation to supporting their party? Have you actually looked

    Also you preach hope not hate, but unless we have a strong anti immigration law that protects the UK from Jihad then the religion of Islam will continue to grow at a huge rate. Islam is a religion that preaches hate and control across all doctrines, it preaches the pursuit of Shari'ah state at all costs, which include punishment by death for things we accept in this society. How do I know this? I have read the Qur'an several times and studied politics and religion for years.

    The only party that is prepared take immediate positive action and speak of Jihad in their manifesto, prepared to cull the growth of a tyrannical religion growing at a rapid rate in this country, to begin opening the general public eyes and defend our current way of life is the BNP.

    Mark my words, unless a strong stance is taken on some major issues that all the parties besides the BNP ignore, we will have Shari'ah law in this country within 50 years. Then see how much hope not hate we have when it will be punishable by death to be gay and for women to become 2nd class citizens again.

    - We already have Arabic road signs up in some parts of the UK and some of our official documents are being printed in Arabic, they are considering adding Arabic to driving licenses and such.
    - Schools in Islamic dense areas of Britain supply Arabic speaking teachers and class assistants to teach the curriculum and learning English is not compulsory.
    - There has been a call and consideration for government to look at the potential of introducing Shari'ah elements into law to start accommodating our Islamic citizens
    - Islam is growing at a faster rate across Europe then any religion ever recorded.
    - The fact that government is making road signs, official documents and that there are many solely Islamic and Arabic pupil speaking schools shows the unwillingness of Islamic immigrants to adapt and integrate into our society, Islam across all doctrines preaches that a Muslim should at all costs live in an Islamic state.

    Why do only the BNP bring their view on Jihad up in manifesto? As the other parties don't want to be bigoted by a populous that has not yet woken up to the true nature and imminent future for our country unless something is done rapidly to reverse this soft take over.

  2. Leaving aside your fears for an Islamic takeover of the country, why should the people of Norwich South accept a candidate like Mr Heather?

    Is he really the best the BNP can do for that constituency?

    I am a voter in Norwich South, and I feel rather insulted that any political party would stand such a person to represent me in government.

    No disrespect to an older gentleman intended, but what is the BNP thinking of?

  3. I just now stumbled upon this web page from a link on a local news site, I'm a Norwich South voter. Like Mr Heather's relatives, men in my family also went away to fight in the Second World War, they were in the Royal Norfolks and the Royal Engineers. They went away to fight nazis and fascists, ensuring that our freedom and right to vote remained. They have sadly passed away, but I know they would be sickened by the likes of the BNP wrapping themselves in the flag they fought for, and saddened by the likes of Mr Heather supporting such extreme points of view. That said, if he seeks to speak for the people here, does he live here? what are his views on what Norwich people want? What is his position on the A11? He sounds like a token puppet candidate to me. I'm sticking with Clarkie.