Tuesday, 6 April 2010

BNP’s Robert West to stand in Lincolnshire

BNP candidates will contest all seven Lincolnshire parliamentary seats at the General Election, it has been announced.
As reported in the Echo, BNP priest Reverend Robert West will stand for the Lincoln seat . . .

Robert West - failed BNP candidate in Norwich, now off to Lincoln

From Seismic Shock/HOPE not hate, Norfolk blogs:

Robert West was the BNP candidate in last summer's Norwich North by-election. He failed convincingly, gaining only 2.74% of the votes cast in a rather low turnout. Perhaps he is hoping voters in Lincoln are more gullible. . . More on Robert West here.

Back in May 2009 Robert West and his bosom buddy David Fleming were dropping in on church services to criticise the clergy. Clergy in Norfolk have cautioned against voting BNP.

Dave Fleming is the BNP's candidate for Norfolk North West, standing for election next month.

Dave Fleming is standing for Norfolk North West despite last year's suspected heart attack

Whilst last year Fleming was criticising the clergy of Anglican churches, this year he has been caught out falsely claiming he had thwarted planning permission for a Muslim-funded community centre in King's Lynn.


Anyone who wants to know more about the BNP’s relationship with Christianity should read these links:

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As Seismic Shock says, the BNP is not Christian.

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