Sunday, 11 April 2010

Questioning Norfolk BNP candidates

Following on from the previous Andrew Gilligan article:-

Of the eight BNP candidates for Norfolk constituencies, how many are truly resident at addresses within the region they want to represent in Parliament?

Some of the names are unfamiliar to Norfolk, and Gilligan's article suggests a pattern of BNP deceit in how the party places BNP candidates.

The BNP seems to stand loyal BNP cronies for election whether or not they have credible roots in the constituency they claim to represent.

A seeming pattern of deceit which includes Eddy Butler, who was until recently both the BNP national election organiser and the BNP Eastern regional organiser (see Gilligan's article).

How many candidates have been 'parachuted' into the regions in Norfolk, without knowing anything of local concerns?

How many are renting some property on the sly and claiming it as their primary residence when in fact they are domiciled elsewhere?

As Gilligan writes above:

If the (candidates) are not genuinely living at addresses where they have registered, they could be guilty of electoral fraud and could be disqualified if elected.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk would like to put these questions to the BNP's Eastern regional organiser, but that position appears to be vacant at present.

After the recent BNP dramatics when it was claimed one senior BNP member made death threats against Nick Griffin, Eddy Butler (and Emma Colgate) were suddenly demoted from their positions in the BNP. No explanation was given by the BNP for these extraordinary changes.

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