Friday, 23 April 2010

BNP admits it is the hate party

From HOPE not hate blog:

Yesterday I watched with amusement as Marmite-gate unfolded and the whole BNP election campaign descended into ridicule.

On Wednesday evening our research team previewed the BNP election broadcast and saw the now infamous marmite jar over Griffin’s shoulder. At 7.15pm we sent a message to Unilever, the makers of Marmite, about the BNP video. At 8am yesterday morning our press officer was on the phone to PA and other media outlets.

Even BNP were gobsmacked by the whole affair. Dozens questioned the use of the jar on the party’s own website.

When confronted by the media, the BNP simply could not get their story straight. At first it was just a “spoof” video (oh, how we laughed!). Next, as Unilever announced legal action against the party, they claimed that someone had tampered with the video and had put the jar on the screen without their permission. By the end of the day Griffin had changed his story for a third time and announced that the BNP was simply taking revenge on Marmite for a commercial which he claimed portrayed the BNP as the “hate party.”

However ridiculous the BNP position at least they finally got one thing right. Griffin and his bunch of cranks identified themselves as the “hate party.”

But the BNP stupidity doesn’t end there. Griffin is now threatening to – wait for it – eat some Marmite on his next TV broadcast!! Yes, and this fool wants to run this country. Whatever next…. Oh, I forgot, Richard Barnbrook is getting on a horse this morning.

By Nick Lowles

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