Saturday, 24 April 2010

Do you know these thugs?

In what is obviously a pre-planned encounter, these men act threateningly if stupidly towards young KFC counter staff in Norwich, at the bottom of the Prince of Wales Street.

Apparently it was filmed last Saturday. According to their own words, the men threaten to return to KFC again today.

A boy nervously begins a chant "EDL" that tapers away. The initials 'EDL' stands for the English Defence League, a band with so many connections to the BNP it could be called the BNP's "militant wing".

Consider the easy cowardice of such an action as walking into a takeaway joint and harrassing the girls behind the counter.

Well done to the youthful staff of the KFC outlet who kept their cool throughout what must have been for them an alarming encounter.

If this gang really cared about halal meat being served in KFC outlets, they should take it up with KFC management, not with the youngsters serving the food. 

Or they could turn vegetarian.

Two middle-aged men lead this small gang. They are deliberately introducing an over-excited boy and a couple of local youths into a world where aggressive abuse of ordinary workers is an acceptable way to behave. They are teaching the younger men the elements of thuggery. They are the Fagins of mobocracy.
I heard what sounds like a Norfolk accent from a couple of the characters, but the older ring-leader does not seem to be from Norfolk by the way he speaks.
Notice how they suddenly leave the fast-food outlet and hasten towards the railway station, as if they realise what they are doing is not only illegal but also wrong. As if they suddenly realise they are nothing but a gang of big bully-boys threatening girls.

Who are these men? What do they hope to achieve by such behaviour?
If it's publicity they want, well, here it is, a public shaming of a band of cowards.

LATER: I have reported this video to the police, who reply:
Thank you for the email.
I have raised incident number nc-24042010-258.
Some enquiries are being made at this time.
Norfolk Constabulary
Contact & Control Room
Tel: 0845 456 4567
Fax: 0845 345 4567
SMS: 07786 200 777
Minicom: 0845 345 3458


  1. Wow I had no idea there were such idiots in the world. Not only are their "policies" idiotic, but run by idiotic, sad little boys.
    P.S: dear ashtheinfidel if these waste of space "men" are your heroes then you have really low expectation, I really feel sorry for you.

    I did try to post this on youtube under the original video, with the personal message to the very misguided dimwit, but I was unable to.

  2. If you hadn't acted I would have reported this to the Police. Daylight abuse like this is the absolute end of civilised behaviour. They seem to be complete morons as well as cowards, because at least three are easily identifiable.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. the ringleader (blue, stripey shirt) is definately well known local thug and drug peddler, tony bamford.