Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Victory for Nothing British as BNP sack Nazi saluting candidate

Mark Onion sacked BNP website 140410 -cropped

BNP confirms that it has sacked Mark Onion

The British National Party has confirmed that it has sacked Mark Onion, its council candidate in Thurrock, after Nothing British exposed him as a Nazi sympathiser and misogynist.

The climbdown from the BNP is a major blow as they seek to try and revive their faltering election campaign.

Laughably, their only defence is to try and claim that Onions is a “UKIP mole”. No evidence has been presented for this claim.

Griffin should stop the conspiracy theories, and realise that the BNP’s modernisation strategy is increasingly transparent to their voters as the hollow sham it always has been.

By Maurice Cousins

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