Saturday, 8 August 2009

BNP begging again

Being a member of the BNP cost you in more ways than one.

From Eric the Fish:

Another day, another begging letter from BNP Fuehrer Nicholas Griffin. This time it's only £700 his Sturmabteilung needs to raise. Apparently little Nick is excited at this new-fangled internet thingy what with its twitters and bebos and such.
- Social networking is the future
Not garlic bread then?

- We need a mere £700 to pay for the creation, by an industry standard computer-programmer, of an application that can be downloaded and installed on any social networking site. This will be a dedicated BNP application, complete with a box to sign-up to our email bulletins and other features.

So how do the faithful patriots help, Nicky baby?

- Have you got a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or Bebo page of your own? Imagine displaying a BNP application on your page! That is what we want to achieve!
Oh, I see! Next to your friends from the local KKK and membership of Zioinist conspiracy groups and Nazi avatars, you can proudly put your BNP badge on.

These, of course, are the kind of social networking sites the BNP hierarchy warned against as they exposed the kind of bedfellows the average BNP member had. Now the election is over it's all systems go.

Talking of the Euro elections, didn't Mr Griffin come into a nice little salary as a result? Surely, the man himself will start the ball rolling?

- Our target for this project is £700. I consider this project so important for the future that I am personally going to donate a gift of £25 towards it.
- So please send whatever you can: £15, £20, £50, £100, even £500 if possible!
Every penny helps
I think the BNP members should be asking some serious questions here. Why aren't the party's accounts available and why is the wealthy Griffin asking for pitiful donations by the day?

If I was one of those conspiracy theorists (9/11 or even 'Paul Is Dead') I'd be wondering why Mr G was after bank details and what was in this wondrous Facebook application.

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  1. The prospect seeing some BNP application displayed on some of my Facebook friends doesn't feel me with joy somehow... Yikes! Perhaps, the time will have then come for me to leave FB once and for all?

    Of course, the number of friends might also go down as a result of the offending application being displayed on those people's pages...
    A blessing in disguise, maybe? ;-)