Thursday, 6 August 2009

No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs

From Blurred Clarity blog:

We'd all like to think that the days of signs warning away certain 'undesirables' were a thing of the past but one thing the UK has been unfortunately riven with in the noughties is immigration obsessed ignorance.

The BBC has done a wonderful exposé on the return of 'No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs' thinking, which seems to have become, in Boston, Lincolnshire at least: 'No Poles, No Portuguese, No Muslims'. Which is a funny combination but not if I was a migrant worker in Boston, Lincolnshire that happened to be Polish, Portuguese or a Muslim.

Estate agents it seems are breaking the Race Relations Act of 1976 by discriminating against non-British tenants and pretending that property is taken when the Polish undercover reporter requests info on it but lo and behold, when the British chap strolls in it is available.

The funniest bit is the second video of secret filming, where the pretend daft racist landlord (after requesting no Poles or Portuguese) asks if they can make sure no Muslim tenants are allowed to rent his flat, where upon the poor estate agent says yes and then equates being a Muslim to being an animal and then smoking.

There is a comedy sketch there somewhere...

(S)ome of you may recall I have much experience of Boston. It was the target of my cross the country walk for Coast to Coast and a town I have performed in often.

It seems things have only got worse in my absence.

Written by Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

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