Friday, 21 August 2009

Win for HOPE not hate!

From Nick Lowles of HOPE not hate:

I've just been told some good news and I wanted you to hear it before it's released to the media.

The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has stopped the Luton protest from going ahead. We won.

And what's even better - the far right can't protest in Luton for the next three months as well.

Sources have told me told that this happened because of our campaign. And our campaign happened because of you.

Over 14,000 letters were sent - a phenomenal achievement. We've made the world a better place today - we all should be proud of what we've achieved.

In the coming weeks and months we'll continue to face up to the far right wherever they stand and whatever they do. . .

We all should be deeply proud of what we've achieved today - it really is a great result.

Thank you,


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