Friday, 21 August 2009

Senior BNP blogger on gender and homosexuality

From There's Nothing British About the BNP:

TITVS ADVXAS, a leader write for the BNP’s website, calls (on his personal website) a female student:

“a transgendered woman (in effect is a neutered man, thus having no real gender – an ‘it’)”

He also shares his views on homosexuality:

“To call some one ‘homophobic’ because they are simply nauseated by the overt campness and public displays of sexuality and sexual behaviour, is extremely unfair. Simple Christian revulsion should not be turned around in this way!”

Nothing British understands that Christianity teaches tolerance and respect for one another.
Much like British values.

Nothing British is also concerned about the BNP’s views on women.

Soap Dodgers – By TITVS ADVXAS

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