Thursday, 27 August 2009

BNP bullyboy tactics in Essex

***Please note this update:  Apparently the following story was a fantasy, and Mr Ramjanally was arrested.

Noor Ramjanally abducted and threatened unless he stops Islamic prayer services at Murray Hall

From This is Local London:
A MUSLIM community leader was kidnapped from his home by two men and taken to Epping Forest where he was ordered at knifepoint to stop his religious work.

Details are starting to emerge of the latest attack on Noor Ramjanally, whose home was firebombed last month.

He was in his flat in Valley Hill, Loughton, on Monday when he heard someone repeatedly ringing the intercom outside.

He said: The doorbell kept ringing, I thought it was someone to fix up the flat. I came down and they grabbed me. They put a weapon, I think a knife, at the back of me and force me into a 4x4.

They didn't say anything until I was in the forest. They said they didn't want the Islamic group in Loughton.
Noor Ramjanally
After the man drove off Mr Ramjanlly was able to attract a dogwalker passing by who phoned the police. He said: “It was very shocking. I was still shaking when I got inside. It's killing me.”
The abduction marks the third time that Mr Ramjanally has been targeted since he set up Islamic prayer meetings in Murray Hall, in Borders Lane, Loughton, earlier this year.
Last month he received hate mail threatening his family and later suffered an arson attack at his home.
Essex Police have confirmed they are treating the latest attack as a hate crime and are linking it to the two previous incidents and the use of Murray Hall.
Superintendent Simon Williams said: "We are treating these offences with the utmost seriousness and are putting considerable resources into the investigation.
"While that investigation continues we will be working with the whole population of Loughton to ensure that all members of the community are free to practise their religion and beliefs safely and freely."
By Edmund Tobin

Extra From Harry's Place:
There is an astonishing quote from Pat Richardson:
Councillor Pat Richardson, leader of the BNP group on the local council, said her party was not behind the attacks on Ramjanally. “Firebombing is not a British method. A brick through the window is a British method, but firebombing is not a way of showing displeasure,” she said.
The BNP is a party of thugs and gangsters.
By David T

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