Monday, 17 August 2009

Lee Barnes' views on “modern” women

From 'Nothing British about the BNP':

A BNP spokesman and head of the BNP’s legal team, Lee Barnes, has referred to “modern” women as being “self loathing”, “sexless” and “androgynous” monstrosities.

He goes on to say:

“Her tongue is pierced as a way to express her inner pain and self disgust, her arms are tattooed with ugly vulgar art that reveals no beauty or function other than simply to debase the beauty of her own pale, white skin, her hair is shorn to the skin like some religious penitent repenting the sin of her whiteness, her breastless chest mocking the female nourishing form that gave her and gives our race its life.

"She is a monster, a sexless polymorphous perversion of nature.”

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