Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stormfront discuss Norwich North

From Seismic Shock:

On Liberal Conspiracy, Cath Elliot draws attention to the neo-Nazi discussion board Stormfront, who want to deport her in response to her article on the BNP’s lies in Norwich North, where the BNP’s clergyman Robert West ran for election.

Eliot notes an interesting contribution on the Stormfront message board from a BNP supporter:

“Its time to drop the reverend. Having a fake vicar puts us down with the crank candidates and thats where our vote has ended up.
People aren`t stupid ( well actually they are on the whole) but they have seen through this fake Reverend gimmick.”

From Liberal Conspiracy:

The rest of the debate then veers off into a discussion about the BNP’s failure to get anywhere in the Norwich North election. Interestingly, the consensus seems to be that the BNP is becoming too cuddly and multi-cultural, and that if only they’d go back to their roots and start looking and sounding like the National Front and Combat 18 which spawned them again, they might stand some chance of success:
What these results should underscore to everybody is that bleating “I’m not a racist”, publicising that you have jewish members and support the bandit state of israel, telling the world you have members with non-White wives and mixed race kids, making unlikely claims that Sikhs and blacks form part of your vote – none of thatwill earn you one extra vote and will take you not one step nearer winning aparliamentary seat, Parliament being the only place, as the Lancaster site points out, worth winning election to.
I hope, but doubt, that the Norwich result and the terrible post June results will be the catalyst for returning the BNP to the course from which it strayed in 1999 and that it can become again the party that unites White Nationalists who aren’t afraid to be called “racist” and who aren’t going to blame everybody and everything in sight when the going gets tough.
By everybody and everything in sight I take it he means other white nationalists, because if the debate on that forum is anything to go by, the only people BNP-voting white nationalist Englishmen don’t hate is other BNP-voting white nationalist Englishmen: it’s open season on everyone else.

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