Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Don’t pay, don’t talk

From Nick Lowles at HOPE not hate:
BNP deputy leader Simon Darby today boasts about not paying his BBC licence fee. In doing so he is the latest in a long line of BNP officials who appear to take glee from refusing to hand money over. Writing on his blog, Darby says: “they can chase me all they want and take me to court if they wish, but I am not paying for the BBC to pump waves of anti-British Islamo-Marxist poison into my house.”

Given the attitude of the BNP towards the BBC perhaps some of the Corporation’s journalists might like to find a bit of backbone/courage and be a bit more critical of the fascist party. While we would obviously rather the BBC stopped giving the BNP a platform at all, surely they should at least refrain from interviewing BNP party leaders who publicly refuse to pay the licence fee.

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