Thursday, 27 August 2009

BNP says it submitted donations report

From Searchlight by Sonia Gable :

The BNP says it submitted its latest quarterly donations report in July and suggests that the Electoral Commission has made an "administrative error" in stating that the party had not complied with the requirement.

Simon Darby wrote on his blog late last night after most of the media had reported the supposed failure: "On checking the awful publicity generated today I quickly find out that our submission was sent by recorded delivery and after a couple of calls to the Electoral Commission they begin to realise that a mistake is a distinct possibility".

Complaining that the Commission had nevertheless failed to remove a strong statement from its website that the BNP's failure to deliver the return was "unacceptable", he continued:

"Tomorrow morning if I do not get a satisfactory solution to this problem I am very seriously considering calling in the Metropolitan Police".


HOPE not hate, Norfolk checked BNP's Simon Darby blog, and found this interesting paragraph:

Can anyone remember the article attributed to a senior member of the Electoral Commission some few months, possibly years back in which they advocated an electoral system which would "keep the BNP out" or words to that effect. If someone could provide me with a link it would be most useful.

Mr Darby cites "a senior member of the Electoral Commission" and actually gives a direct quote (that he qualifies in the next phrase).

What could Mr Darby be hinting here? Seems to be suggesting some wrong-doing by the Commission.

Not a very clever move, in the circumstances.


  1. Recorded delivery = receipt, so very easy for the BNP to prove the records were sent. Unless they weren't of course.
    Either way, losing receipt or not sending records, Darby seems (insert synonym for incompetent here).

  2. This is not the first time the BNP has been late in submitting records to the authorities. If the records were sent recorded delivery than of course there must be a receipt.