Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The time Russell Brand got it right

Russell Brand shows up BNP tactics of moving into an area, stirring up racism, and then leaving locals to deal with the subsequent hatred and division. (Some swearing):

In the hopes of blending in with normal people, Mark Collett and his motley crew of BNP twerps take Russell Brand to a pub to watch the England v. Argentina World Cup game, but Collett is stunned to meet working-class lads from Harehills (near Chapeltown, Leeds) who don't agree with BNP or NF ideas, and who tell Russell Brand how racist outsiders enter their areas to stir-up trouble which they leave normal white people sort out AFTER the BNP etc have f***ed off back wherever they came from.

This is the same stunt the BNP and NF pulled in Oldham and Burnley in 2001, and tried to use in Luton in 2009, to create the illusion that "ethno-nationalist" (racist) solutions are needed to solve problems the racists deliberately made worse in the first place. If that weren't bad enough, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin chose to promote Mark Collett to the paid job of BNP publicity director AFTER Mark Collett had been shown on TV praising Adolf Hitler.
HOPE not hate, Norfolk is reminded of the outsider, the discredited man in clerical dress Robert West, coming to Norwich to stand as a BNP candidate.

Controversial BNP leaflets were pushed through the letterboxes in Norwich North containing what has been described as 'lies' .

Cath Elliot, a voter in Norwich North, wrote "I know a bit about this issue, unlike whichever BNP hatemonger came up with the mendacious piece of crap" (the leaflet in question).

So BNP tactics are for outsiders to come to an area, stir up trouble with exaggerations and downright lies, and then leave the locals to deal with the aftermath.

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