Saturday, 15 August 2009

Don't make BNP victims

From Barbara Suzuki of HOPE not hate, Norfolk:

In my opinion, the UAF and other anti-fascists should be careful this weekend to act impeccably in protesting the hateful and divisive policies of the BNP.

In countering fascism the anti-fascist have to avoid becoming what they are confronting. I have no problem with peaceful protest, but anti-fascists have to avoid violence. That is a gift to the bigots, who exploit victimhood to the hilt.

Recently the UAF clashed with another far-right group, the English Defence League in Birmingham, and in confronting the racist bigots of the EDL, the UAF did not exhibit its best behaviour.

This has led to a public rebuke:

Birmingham Council's Equalities Boss Alan Rudge has written to The Stirrer ( a Birmingham on-line news site) condemning last weekend's protests against Muslim "extremism" in the city - and the counter demo by Unite Against Fascism.

Dear Editor,

Further to the public demonstrations which took place on Saturday 8th August in Birmingham City Centre, I felt it important to write to you setting out my views on this matter.

As Cabinet Member for Equalities and Human Resources I deplore the demonstrations held in Birmingham last Saturday by both the United Against Fascism (UAF) and the English and Welsh Defence League (EWDL). Demonstrations of this nature merely seek to cause disunity and conflict between and across our communities for cheap political gain.

Birmingham is a city of great diversity but it is also a city of prosperity, where our communities live in peace and harmony. Through my community development programme I have been able to work with the leadership of our various community groups to promote community cohesion so that all our citizens, irrespective of colour, ethnicity or faith, are able to make a positive contribution to the success of the city.

This demands that all our citizens and communities share in what is good, and draws out what is best in the human spirit and, celebrate in the contributions we all make in ensuring our city and country is safe and strong.

I would like to reassure our citizens and communities that the Council will continue to work with them to challenge violent extremism whatever source it may come from.

So let the fascist BNP meet in their so-called festival of fun. Protest by all means, but don't feed the BNP 'victim' mindset.

I am a dedicated anti-fascist, I really despise the hateful and divisive policies of the BNP, but I feel concern for the ordinary members who are so misled and mistreated by the BNP leadership. Why not let the pitiful long-suffering BNP members gather together once in a while?

From what I have read about past BNP festivals the Red, White and Blue is another opportunity for the cynical BNP leadership to rip-off the unsuspecting BNP members.

First those members have to pay to enter, and that is just the start. There are all sorts of tatty merchandise and services on offer, for a sum, and exorbitant mark-ups on food and drinks for the captive BNP audience.

If BNP members want to hear the guest racists speak, there is more to pay, and few of the other 'attractions' are free. Let the rank and file start to notice this in peace.

In addition for ever-changing (increasing) charges for membership, and a constant stream of begging letters from the highly-paid Nick Griffin, the members are inundated with requests to support other BNP ventures, fund-drives and money-making scams.

Even the dimmest BNP members must be getting a glimmer of understanding about how much they are exploited.

Don't distract them from this painful process towards enlightenment - let the penny drop.

The RWB festival is really Ripoff Whites Beanfest.

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