Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Should there be more tolerance of extremism?

From Dave Osler and comments at Liberal Conspiracy

(T)he work of the British National Party creates the climate that led to the bombings of David Copeland and to the bomb plot of Robert Cottage.

Yet the BNP rightly remains a legal organisation. To my mind, . . the case for Al Muhajiroon or Hizb ut-Tahrir to be treated any differently has yet to be established.

Remember that no political party has ever been banned in modern Britain; even Sinn Fein has always been allowed to function, despite the known Irish Republican Army connections of its core leadership.

While neither side would ever admit it, there is a certain symmetry between the Islamist far right and the British nationalist far right. The English Defence League are just as much ‘preachers of hate’ as Omar Bakri. Regrettably, toleration for both varieties of this poisonous brand of politics is the least worst option.

Tolerate, but mercilessly expose, and while keeping out the extremists from abroad, leave all extremists here alone until they are a genuine threat

The problem with muslim extremist groups is that they were not subject to examination and where appropriate, ridicule. The left have not stood up for a tolerant free democracy against those who wish to impose a religious dictatorship.

Too often, even where muslims running mosques wanted support from the councils and/or the police to help in resisting (extremists) they received none. At Finsbury Mosque Abu Hamza physically took control. When the mosque’s committee went to the police and asked the police to remove Abu Hamza and his thugs they were ignored.

A professor of theology at Glasgow Uni, who was a muslim women went to on record as saying that Britain had to stop pussy footing around and start criticising these extremist muslim groups.

Whe it comes to honour murders and forced marriages, very few MPs apart from Ann Cryer of Keighley have taken these issues seriously and the only writer (who took such matters seriously) is Yasmin A B Brown.

When Abu Hamza called Britain a toilet and many other extremists made criticism of this country while receiving welfare payments, people should have told him to leave for a better place. In the Bedu tradition one offers food, shelter and protection to the traveller for 3 days. Britain has given food, shelter and protection to those who would harm it which far exceeds any code of hospitality of the Pushtun or Bedu. No Bedu or Pushtun code supports the guests
rights to cause harm or live in a way which is in contraventon of the customs of the host.

Noone apart from Civitas has looked at the literature sold in the UK and used in some schools supportig muslim extremism.

For the last 15 years anyone who has criticised muslim extremism has themselves been called islamophobic by the left wing . The extremists have been able to say to the moderate muslims “Look you are not receiving any support from the authorities. We are prepared to die for Islam but they are not prepared to do so for their decadent corrupt western democracy. Our faith is stronger than theirs and we will win.”

When Satanic Verses was published the left wing totally failed to support freedom of speech. After hundreds of years of pushing back the censorship of the rulers of the State and the established Church, we allowed a few extremists to reduce freedom of speech, using far less force than used by the Nazis.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk agrees with Daniel Hoffmann-Gill when he writes:

Tolerance is overrated . . . Best to not tolerate, best to challenge every step of the way and to educate whilst challenging.

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