Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Where's Waldo West?

Robert MB West is the BNP candidate for the Norwich North by-election which takes place in just over a fortnight.

But so far he has not been seen locally.

Other candidates, most of whom have strong ties to Norwich, have campaigns up and running, and are already well-schooled in local issues and concerns.

Other candidates have prepared campaign headquarters and have already received queries and suggestions and offers of help from the public.

Other candidates have begun to vie for the attention of the electorate in Norwich North, setting out their stalls in a fair and open manner so that the people of Norwich North can make up their own minds and make an informed choice on July 23.

Not so the slippery Robert West.

He seems to be neglecting Norwich North the way he neglects his own "Christian Council of Britain" website - most pages being 'under construction', and the last post dated June 2008.

So much for his commitment to the Christian Council. So much for his commitment to Norwich North.

It is not as if Robert West has much connection with Norwich at all, unlike the other candidates.

And he seems to have no real interest in Norwich North.

Perhaps he is planning to arrive here in a great fanfare and fireworks just before the elections thinking that would be enough to bamboozle the voters of Norwich North.

Sorry, "Reverend", it takes more than flashy last minute showmanship and snakeoil to persuade the voters of Norwich North. The electorate is more demanding of political candidates nowadays. We have learned the hard way.

Aside from policies, the electorate today is looking for transparancy, accountability, commitment and hard work from our MPs.

If a candidate cannot be bothered to even show up until a fortnight before the elections, then he might as well not bother to show up at all.

So where is Waldo West, anyway?

In fact the "Reverend" West has been gallivanting around Wales as a 'guest speaker' for the BNP, as this photograph, taken July 4, shows:

Spot the Wally

In Wales Robert M. B. West gave a speech entitled "There is nothing unchristian about loving your own country or wanting to support your own people".

I think most people would agree with that.

But in the meantime, what about supporting the people of Norwich North?

What about learning more about the area he seeks to represent?

What about hearing of local concerns and issues?

In neglecting the people of Norwich North in order to give speeches in Wales of stunning banality, the "Reverend" West does not practice what he preaches.

Which makes him a "Holy Hypocrite" indeed.

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