Saturday, 6 October 2012

A plea for harmony in Norwich

From the Norwich Advertiser October 5, 2012

"The EDL plans to march through Norwich on Saturday, November 10, to protest at the city council barring the Reverend Alan Clifford from a stall at Hay Hill, where the council believes he was promoting leaflets against Islam."
The article goes on to describe how the EDL's marches "are often marred by violence".
"An alliance called We Are Norwich will hold a counter demonstration on the same day, which they said would celebrate Norwich's diversity.

"The Norfolk and Norwich Muslim Association (NNMA) also condemned the planned march.

"Trustee Dr Muhammad Abu-Elmayd said: 
We strongly believe that the EDL's intention is to cause disharmony among the residents of Norwich.
However, we hope that the people of Norwich will stand firm together and refuse to allow any attempt to divide our fine city.
"No route has yet been planned for the protest, although EDL organisers have told Norfolk police of their intention."

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