Tuesday, 9 October 2012

We Are Norwich - Update

From Nick O'Brien of We Are Norwich 

To James, Neil, and many Anonymous emails for news -

Sorry if progress in the organisation (of our peaceful counter demonstration on November 10) appears slow.

So far we have had four organising meetings of at least 30 people all representing different organisations, we have a facebook page of + 700 local people and over 200 people on our mailing list and have organised at least 10 local stalls. We have been in the local press several times and our press release went out today . . . so we have been doing quite a lot BUT of course we can always do more.

I will sort out a Twitter account this week.  That's a great idea that we must find time to get done.  We are also looking for someone to design us a simple website.  Do you know anyone?  Please contact us. 

We are Norwich is everyone that wants to be in it. It's an inclusive group.  You don't need to wait for anyone to announce anything - . We regularly ask on here for people to get involved... and if you can get your friends to come along to the first Public Meeting on October 24 that would be a great initiative. 

The only thing we have held back on is the details of the demo - because we are talking to the police - and the full details will come out nearer the time.

Other than that, people can get on and do whatever they want whenever they want, please only ask and you can use our materials, leaflets, organise a stall in your neighbourhood or otherwise spread the word - seriously anyone can do anything they want to help.

James, Neil, and all the Anonymous of goodwill, We ARE Norwich, and I urge you all to "get involved".

Barbara adds: 
If you write to this blog, your email address is not visible to me, the blog is designed to ensure your privacy, so that's why you cannot get private replies. 
However, if you send your email address to me when you write I will forward them to go onto the We Are Norwich mailing list and Facebook page.  I will never publicise your email address on the blog, of course. 
It's great to see how many are writing in and perhaps you did not realise that I could not reply privately as I do not have your contact details.
This blog is not interactive enough - 
But keep writing!


  1. How, and with whom, should anyone who wishes to offer help with a website get in touch? I honestly can't promise anything personally, but I know a few people who work in web design and who are of a progressive political persuasion who might be prepared to lend a hand, only I'd have to forward contact details to them and leave the ball in their respective courts as to whether they wanted to do anything. Should they just email the address on the Blogger profile?

    If it wont mess up your discussions with the police I'll use an FB event to let my friends and, hopefully, my friends' friends know a public meeting and counter demonstration are planned, and to let them know about pertinent details as and when you finalise them.

  2. Yes, write to hnhnorfolk@gmail.com with details especially contact details. There are three of us on the Hnh "team" who are able to view this, and they or I will pass it on as soon as it is seen to be passed on to Nick and others at We Are Norwich steering committee.
    James, thanks for your enthusiasm and energy!!

  3. PS
    Please write directly to hnhnorfolk@gmail.com to offer help.
    No contact details are visible if you simply reply to the blogs.