Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunderland antiracists stand firm against EDL, NEI, NF and BNP

From Unite Against Fascism:

Trade unionists and members of the local Muslim community in Sunderland stood firm and united in the face of a violent demo by fascists from a number of different groups.

Around 150 antifascists, overwhelmingly from Sunderland, marched from Chester Road to the site of a proposed new mosque in the Millfield area, in a demonstration of unity against the fascists, who have been trying to stir up anti-Muslim racist hatred around the mosque proposal.

The Sunderand Antifascist Coalition, which organised the antifascist mobilisation, is determined to stop the fascists organising in the area.

Members of the National Front, British National Party and other hardcore Nazi groups were also on the fascist protest. White power and Hitler-loving Blood and Honour insignia were on display.

The NEI/EDL demo was made up largely of people from well outside Sunderland – including those who had come from as far as Scotland and the North West of England to bring the fascists’ numbers up to around 150.

But the mainly young and buoyant antifascist protesters made it clear that the fascists were not welcome in the city.

They carried placards reading ‘Nazi EDL not welcome here’ and ‘Keep Sunderland Nazi Free’, along with the flags of the PCS and Unite trade unions.

When the fascists arrived, they hurled fireworks and missiles at the local antifascist protesters.

But the antifascists stood firm until the fascists had left, before marching proudly back towards the city centre.

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