Wednesday, 3 October 2012

So why are the EDL coming to Norwich?

The English Defence League (EDL) is characterised by the yobbish behaviour of its members and the suspect agenda of its leaders, who claim they want to "defend" Britain from being "taken over".
Britain has its own police and armed forces to protect itself, and we don't need any rabble vigilantes. 

Almost every march the EDL makes has been associated with drunken violence and mindless destruction.  

Read more about the EDL here, here  and here.
The last time the EDL came to Norwich it was to bully young female fast-food workers and to check out the the fried chickens of Prince of Wales Road.

This time the EDL threatens to march on the streets of Norwich on Saturday, November 10, in response to a claim that a Church here is "under attack". 

Under attack, so it is claimed on the EDL flier (shown in the last blog entry), from the formidable combined forces of the "local authorities", "political correctness" and "Islamic aggression".

In fact no church was attacked.  The Norwich Reformed Church merely had its permit to hold a stall on local authority premises withdrawn because, in the view of the council, its minister was using it to distribute literature that could cause hatred and division between communities.

This is the pretext the EDL is using to march in Norwich.  The EDL insists on the right to demonstrate here, no matter the costs of lost trade to local businesses and of the taxpayers funding extra police overtime. 

The people of Norwich have just as much right to peacefully protest the EDL.
We Are Norwich steering committee has set the date of the first public meeting:
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 @ 19:30
The Main Hall
The Vauxhall Centre
Johnson Place

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