Thursday, 18 October 2012

UEA students against the EDL

There were questions following the publication of an article in Concrete, the Univeristy of East Anglia's student newspaper, about the plans of the English Defense League (EDL) to stage a demonstration in Norwich on Saturday 10 November. 

Students asked for more information about how to get involved.  They were interested in the We Are Norwich plans for a counter demonstration.

Unfortunately the original We Are Norwich Facebook page was mistakenly marked "secret" so information there is not easily accessible.  A website is in the works.

In the meantime, anyone can keep up with twitter -  We Are Norwich is now on  #wearenorwich  

A poster Brutus also advises students "For ways to get involved more immediately contact the Union of UEA Students Academic Officer Josh Bowker at"

There are Facebook pages as follows:

We Are Norwich Public Meeting October 24 19.30
The Main Hall, the Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place Norwich

Stand against the EDL Norwich

Counter-demonstration against the Norwich EDL march

And please keep checking into this blog.


  1. The English Defence League are intending to hold a demonstration in Norwich to protest at Norwich City Council’s unfair treatment to the Norwich Reformed Church regarding ‘equality issues’.

    A complaint was made by one member of the public to the Police, who took no action against Dr Clifford, but the Council decided to adopt their own politically correct appeasement to this one member of the public.

    Where in this statement does it say the EDL are demonstrating against any ethnic minority/faith/religion? they are demonstrating against Norwich City Council, the only people making an issue of this demo are 'we are Norwich' falsely reporting through pre-conceptions as to why the EDL are there. As you celebrate the citys diversity should you yourselves not be asking the council why they are dealing with cases in such a way?

    East Anglian EDL Admin Team

  2. Hello, this is the second of three identical messages I have read today.
    This is the reply I gave before:
    The point is, like it or not, the EDL has a bad reputation that recent marches have done nothing to dispel. Last weekend's kettled parade in Rotherham was pointless and expensive (MP McShane says six-figure expensive); in Walsall a pub had a window and bottles broken and outdoor furniture broken up to throw at the police; EDL members have been jailed for attacking staff at office buildings which had hosted anti-EDL meetings; EDL members have also attacked a bookstall in Sandwell; on 7 December 2011, EDL activist Simon Beech was one of two men jailed for 10 years for an arson attack on a mosque; on 5 June 2012, EDL members attacked and threw firecrackers at a group of people protesting against the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. They were also filmed giving Nazi salutes.
    No wonder We Are Norwich has attracted such a lot of support from people of all political persuasions. We don't want people representing this sort of trouble in Norwich.