Sunday, 28 October 2012

EDL washout in Walthamstow and Westminster

A handful of EDL was spotted skulking on the sidelines in Walthamstow, whilst a hard core of about 80 EDL made a pathetic show at the so-called "National Demonstration" in Westminster.

So this is today's EDL, ending not with a bang but with a washed out whimper.

One contingent of We Are Norwich went to London to counter protest the Westminster EDL, whilst the rest of We Are Norwich joined the celebrations in Walthamstow.  Celebrating keeping the EDL off the streets, and defeating them for the second time in Waltham Forest.
High jinks on the coach from Norwich to London
Walthamstow must be a racist's nightmare with its streets of people of every hue and its stores advertising Kashmir Hair Salon, Dial Halal, Polski Skep, Muslim Relief and Istanbul Groceries alongside the more traditional Chinese Jade Palace and Bengal Curry House.

Even more so yesterday as people united together in the bitter cold to repudiate the politics of division and hatred of the EDL in a grand Victory celebration. 
We Are Waltham Forest was well prepared
Posters and banners were everywhere
We were amazed at the public turnout on such a cold day
The police were friendly, helpful and quite easy on the eye
We found the street celebrations and unfurled the banner
Gill from We Are Waltham Forest meets Ann from We Are Norwich
The magnificent Sikhs
Support came from many areas, including Tower Hamlets
And Norwich

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