Sunday, 14 October 2012

Containing the EDL - at what cost?

The EDL in Rotherham yesterday

Meanwhile in Norwich -

We Are Norwich was at the Magdalen Street Celebrations ready to answer questions and sign up support.  We Are Norwich is uniting the City against the proposed march of the EDL here November 10.
Students, shopholders, unions, artists, shoppers, politicians, secularists and religious alike are coming together to oppose the racist and homophobic EDL. 

The EDL is an organisation that seems to cause disruption and destruction every time it takes to the streets, and taxpayers pick up the bills.  Its own leader agrees that
demonstrations are doing nothing
Let common sense prevail and show by sheer weight of numbers that the EDL is not welcome in Norwich. 

If you want to show your support for a tolerant, inclusive and peaceful Norwich, please come along to the We Are Norwich public meeting October 24.

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