Thursday, 11 October 2012

Trade Unions, politicians and activists pledge to oppose English Defence League march in Norwich

From the Norwich Evening News 09 October 2012: 

A coalition of faith groups, trade unions and community organisations vowed today to do all it could to oppose a planned march by the English Defence League (EDL). The group, called We are Norwich, said it would do "all in its power" to peacefully oppose the EDL demonstration.

The EDL is organising a march through Norwich on November 10, to protest at the city council banning the Norwich Reformed Church from a stall in the city centre. Reverend Alan Clifford, who said he had no links to the right-wing group, was barred from the stall for publishing leaflets deemed to be anti-Islamic.

We are Norwich secretary Nick O’Brien said: "The EDL has held countless demonstrations across the country where they have rampaged through towns."

The anti-fascist group will hold a counter-demonstration on November 10, if the EDL march goes ahead, and a public meeting on Wednesday October 24 at 7.30pm in the Vauxhall Centre.

Members include trade unions, Norwich Green Party, Chapelfield Mosque, Ian Gibson, The Norwich Pride Collective, and Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Norwich South, Clive Lewis.


  1. Norwich City are racist they burn a guy fawkes in the sparks in the park and this I find is a hate crime, Anti-Catholic. Im from a Immigrant Irish-Catholic family and even though I was born in England I now dont feel part of the community all because my surname is gaelic and Im catholic.

  2. Try going around with a name like "Suzuki"!!

    Point taken about the poor old Guy. Hasn't he suffered enough by now?