Friday, 12 October 2012

"Demonstrations are doing nothing"

From EDL twittering of EDL leader Tommy Robinson:
Twitter from: CamHendo ‏@_CamHendo

@EDLTrobinson I have nothing but respect for you but the EDL are going nowhere, Demonstrations are doing nothing, its all about the politics

Reply from: Tommy Robinson EDL ‏@EDLTrobinson

@_camhendo i agree.
"Demonstrations are doing nothing" complains a supporter.  "I agree" says Tommy Robinson.

A statement that must be demoralising for the EDL planning to march in Norwich November 10.  The rug has been pulled from under their feet.  Let's hope that the wool will now be pulled from over their eyes. 

It's time that the rank and file EDL members start reconsidering their tactics following this admission of defeat from their leader, Tommy Robinson. 

Demonstrations are not only "doing nothing".  They display the EDL as a group containing thugs and hooligans, members who drink alcohol on the coaches to each march so that they are drunk by the time they unload on one hapless city centre after another.

These demonstrations are racking up huge police bills - at the taxpayer's expense.  The marches deter people from supporting city centre art, cultural and community events.  The marches mean lost business to high street shops and markets.  The marches in effect close down the heart of a city.  Citizens will not tolerate that for much longer.

Inevitably this puts the EDL in the worst light, as the leadership is belatedly beginning to realise.

How long will it take for the ordinary EDL member to grasp the changed situation? 

Anti-EDL commentator Dick Coughlan relishing the revelation.


  1. Hi, We Are Norwich!

    I noticed your people handing out leaflets in Norwich last week and looked you up when I got home. I'm a student at UEA and I've been talking with other students about the upcoming demonstrations. Loads of people want to know how to get involved in supporting you guys. Obviously we all think standing up to the EDL is a great cause.

    I sometimes write for the uni paper and was wondering if there's anything you'd like said to raise awareness for your group? For example, what exactly will be happening at your public meeting at the end of the month? Is there any opportunity for students to get involved in helping, either with that or afterwards? People are also concerend about the security of the march in November...Is there a route set yet, or does that depend on finding out the EDL route? Do you feel that the police are being helpful? How are you going to try and keep things safe? Do you anticipate any violence from the EDL?

    I was also wondering if you could tell me anything about how your group got started? I was surprised that there was a local anti-hate organization in Norwich - it usually seems so peaceful. Are there a lot of hate issues in the city that you've had to deal with?

    Lastly, have you had any direct trouble from the EDL for organizing this counter-demo? I went to their website and saw them grumbling about you, but they weren't expressing any specific plans to interfere, which was reassuring.

    I'm sorry about all the questions, but I'd love to write something to promote what you're doing and to give people a clearer idea of who you are. People know who the EDL are, so it'd be nice to be able to give some more detail on the good guys.

    Thanks a lot for your time! Good luck with the demonstrations,

  2. Thanks for email which was forwarded to We Are Norwich for action. Hope to see you at the Public Meeting Vauxhall Centre next Wednesday (24th).