Friday, 19 October 2012

Nick Griffin should take responsibility for hate crime

From HOPE not hate:

Nick Griffin had his twitter account suspended last night after he posted the address of a Gay couple who had won their case against discriminating B&B owners. And to make matters worse Griffin called for direct action to be taken on the Gay couple.
I’m angry about this as it’s hate crimes awareness week and the team at HOPE not hate and so many other organisations have been doing our best to explore the issues around hate crime. It angers me that as we prepare to gather on Saturday evening in Trafalgar Square to hold a vigil for victims of hate crime that Nick Griffin goes online to, quite frankly, incite it.

Please help by counter signing my letter to Cambridgeshire Police

The BNP is a breeding ground for hate. Those who think the party is simply racist don't know the half of it. Griffin's party's hate is indiscriminate, it knows no bounds and it has no sympathy. That’s why, at 1 pm today, I’m sending the letter to the police.

In 1999 David Copeland planted the nail bomb in the Admiral Duncan pub that killed three people dead and injured many many more. And Copeland would have killed more if his bomb in the heart of London’s black and Asian communities had detonated to plan. Copeland, a former BNP member, told police that he wanted to start a race war so white people would vote in a BNP Government.

David Copeland wasn't born with hate inside him, it was fed to him and nurtured to manifest. Organisations like the BNP who create and incite hate need to start taking responsibility for what they create and who they harm.

So I call on Nick Griffin to be legally accountable to any hate crime that Michael Black and John Morgan face in light of his twitter comments.

Let’s hold Griffin to account for inciting hatred

I’m sending the letter at 1pm so please co-sign it by then


David Braniff-Herbert

LGBT Officer for HOPE not hate

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