Friday, 17 July 2009

Besotted car dealer waged a war of love

Last Saturday July 11, three members of the HOPE not hate, Norfolk team, went to a derelict pub on a tip-off.

They wanted to observe the reception committee for the "Reverend" Robert West as he finally arrived in Norwich. Robert West is the BNP candidate for the Norwich North by-election in six days. The campaigning team wanted the chance to ask the cleric which Church had ordained him.

Whilst the campaigners called out some questions, they were aggressively challenged by this man, since identified in a tip-off from a reliable source as Stephen Ames, a car dealer. Ames grabbed one of the campaigners, causing some alarm and slight hurt.

The thuggish Steve Ames, explained the BNP's apologetic Edith Crowther, is a just a poor boy from a council estate who doesn't know any better - except this "poor" boy, according to information received by HOPE not hate, Norfolk, runs his own car sales firm.

Oddly, a potential customer can only view his cars by appointment and no specific location is given for his showroom.

Oddlier still, the anonymous tip-off received by HOPE not hate said that this was the same Stephen Ames who featured in the local news a few years ago, when his love-sick moonings became a lurid court case and the joke of the county.

Surely this Steve Ames car-dealing BNP wannabe hard man could not be Stephen Ames car-dealing besotted swain in the following story?

‘You must appreciate that despite your feelings towards this young lady, the affection is not returned and you cannot continue to embark on the course of action that has brought you before this court’ - Magistrate Paul Allen

A LOVESTRUCK car dealer bombarded his former girlfriend with calls and letters — including a fax advertising himself — in a bid to win her back.

In the mock advert, 33-yearold Stephen Ames claimed he came complete with “unlimited love and cuddles”.

He also told 23-year-old Katie Snowden he was offering her the opportunity to share a house which came with an engagement ring.

"Satisfaction guaranteed"

Urging her to “order quickly to avoid disappointment”, he offered a one month’s trial, with the claim “satisfaction guaranteed”.

But Miss Snowden did not want to get back with Ames and he continued to pester her, despite warnings to stay away, Norwich magistrates heard.

Yesterday Ames, of Evans Way, Old Catton, was given a community rehabilitation order for 18 months after admitting harassing Miss Snowden over a nine-month period. He was also made subject to an indefinite restraining order, keeping him away from Miss Snowden, her home, her parents’ home and the Silver Road florist where she works.

Chairman Paul Allen told him: “You have probably escaped prison by a whisker.”

He also told Ames: “You must appreciate that despite your feelings towards this young lady, the affection is not returned and you cannot continue to embark on the course of action that has
brought you before this court.”

Prosecutor Marika Bell said the couple’s year-long relationship ended early last year. She agreed to keep in touch and meet occasionally as friends for a drink, which may have been misinterpreted.

Teddy bear

Ames sent her letters, faxes, text messages, e-mails and telephoned her, declaring his love. On one occasion she found an “I love you” balloon tied to a windscreen wiper on her car. He sent her two CDs, cards and a teddy bear, and on one occasion sat outside her home for two-and-a-half hours. Ames also followed her as she drove, sometimes closely and aggressively, for short periods and she saw him near her new home after she moved.

“It was making life uncomfortable for her at work and her boss was none too pleased about the situation either,” said Miss Bell.

When Ames was finally arrested, he admitted what he had been doing, saying he had been trying to entice her back.

Miss Bell said Ames had appeared regularly in court since the mid-1980s. In July, 1999, he was convicted of harassing two other women.
Ames told the court: “Maybe I was a little bit obsessive.” He added he felt he was led on “a bit”, but did not do anything nasty and had not intended to cause distress.

"New life"

He was now happily living with another woman and her two children. “I just want to put this behind me and get on with a new life,” he told the court.

His barrister, Alan Wheetman, said Ames did what he did out of love.

October 4, 2001


  1. Steve Ames has just been kicked from eBay for suspicious bidding. It would appear that he has been bidding on high value items, mainly games consoles, before sending fake emails advising that payment has been made be PayPal.

  2. Any evidence for these claims? At present these are only allegations, easy enough to make from the safety of your anonymity.