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“I really like the Welsh BNP logo. I bet Rev West did also.”

From SeismicShock who writes:

A hat tip to Edmund Standing, who has helped me with much the information for this post. Edmund Standing blogs at Pro-British Anti-Extremist, and has just written a report for the Centre for Social Cohesion entitled ‘The BNP and the Online Fascist Network.’

The BNP’s very own “reverend” Robert West recently addressed the Swansea branch of the BNP. This video is featured on the Green Arrow blog, run by BNP activist Paul Morris, who also promotes antisemitic material. Morris comments:

“I really like the Welsh BNP Logo. I bet the Reverend West did also.”

The BNP Wales use a celtic cross as a symbol; a symbol often used by neo-fascists.

What is curious about the BNP is, although they are essentially a fascist party, they have attempted to use Christian identity politics and racial versions of Christian theology in an attempt to win Christian votes. For more on this phenomenon, you can read this compilation of anti-fascist articles about BNP Christianity.

Here is Rev West addressing the Wales BNP:

West cites Genesis 10 and Acts 17 as proof that ‘each race has its own space’. Genesis 10 is a rather self-defeating passage for Rev West, as it claims all ‘races’ are descended from Noah, and thus all have a common ancestry. D’oh! Acts 17 describes Paul and Silas visiting a multi-cultural Athens, Berea and Thessalonica and speaking with Jews, Greeks and foreigners.

Whilst West uses this to support his anti-immigration views, what is interesting to note here is that West he completely sidesteps the question of race (perhaps the elephant in the room for those who believe in Welsh/Celtic racial supremacy). Morris, meanwhile, waxes lyrical about the ‘Welsh Resistance’ Youtube channel:
Currently its library of videos is rather small but I am assured that it will soon be bursting at the seams as the site owners move old footage into its new home.
Can I ask that all patriotic Youtube activists subscribe to this channel and establish links with their people to ensure you maximise our viewing base in order to promote the cause of the British National Party.
As usual, can I request you to go here, rate and leave a comment for our Youtube activists.
Amongst the friends of Welsh Resistance, we find pembrokeshiresspark, who thinks ‘Nick Griffin is God and Simon Darby is Jesus.’ She informs us that she is a Christian, and tags the above video of Robert West as a Youtube favourite. Yet is this the kind of Christian whom West is proud to count as a supporter?

Rev West was recently challenged about his interpretation of Christianity, given that Jesus was Jewish, and he urged his critics to read the constitution of the Christian Council of Britain.

There’s plenty to say about the constitution, but one point particularly grates:
Though the significant differences between the two ‘isms’ of Islam and ‘Political Correctness’ were recognised it was noted that both alike oppose: true Christianity, the rule of law, a genuine and conserving liberalism in a true democracy; and the proper concept of free Nations and of the open and liberal societies nurtured therein and thereby. It was particularly borne in mind that, in the two hundredth anniversary of the abolition of the Negro slave trade within the British Empire, a worse form of slavery (of the mind) should not be imposed upon the peoples who had withstood absolutism and totalitarianism in their history, both at home and abroad. The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland therefore resolved not to regard our inalienable freedoms and rights as negotiable; but rather to be preserved, conserved and held-in-trust for our progeny, and for all peoples.
These words are shocking and disturbing for black Britons, and other Britons utterly appalled by the slave trade and ashamed of this aspect of British history. Yet they are also an insult to British Christians, of whom none other than William Wilberforce is one of the most famous. (To see more of the work of Wilberforce, visit Youtube here.)

Rev West surely owes the people of Britain an apology.

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