Wednesday, 1 July 2009

BNP tells the Church to "grow up"

At the end of May 2009 the BNP called for a ‘National Day of Prayer'

This is what political commentator Edmund Standing wrote at the time:

The BNP has produced a new leaflet which it wants supporters to print off and place in churches.

In the continuing saga of the BNP trying to present itself as Britain’s ‘pro-Christian’ Party, this time it launches an attack on what it calls ‘Judas Archbishops’ and calls for a ‘National Day of Prayer’.

(According to the BNP) "The Church of England has consistently failed to live up to its sacred role as guardian of the soul of the British people. For this reason, it falls to us in the British National Party to call for a ‘National Day of Prayer’. We urge everyone who loves Britain to pray for our national deliverance from the difficulties in which we currently find ourselves."

But pray to who? No ‘god’ is named, but given the Christian emphasis we can safely assume prayers will be directed in the name of a Jewish teacher who reportedly spent time as an asylum seeker. Of course, the BNP’s idea of what constitutes Christianity is somewhat different to what the mainstream denominations teach, as Seismic Shock and I have previously noted.

Despite an overwhelmingly negative view of the Church today
"The British National Party invites dialogue with church leaders. The massive support enjoyed by our party requires that the Church of England grow up, respect our mandate and engage us appropriately."

Ah, yes, we’ve seen that kind of ‘respect‘ for mandates and ‘appropriate engagement‘ before, haven’t we?

This latest ‘Christian’ initiative from the BNP has gone down well with some of its members, as the comments section on its website shows. Here are a few gems:

The Archdhimmi always has been a pro-Marxist surrender-monkey:
“Williams took part in anti-nuclear demonstrations at United States bases. In 1985, he was arrested for singing psalms as part of a protest organized by the Committee for Nuclear Disarmament at Lakenheath, an American air base in Suffolk; his fine was paid by his college.”

This is one of the best ideas from the British National Party that I’ve heard of ever…
With God on our side we will not be the Losers…

Rev. K. Warrington:
Canterbury and York are in the service of the Antichrist!
Rise up all you good men and women! Rise up against these agents of Satan!
Stand with the British National Party!
Stand - Men Of The West!

The Archbishops are not Christians, they are souless, mechanistic, marxoid atheists who have stabbed their Saviour in the back! You don’t have to be a Christian to understand what spirituality means. I am what most people would understand to be a Pagan. That is, nature is my ‘god’. But most parish Christians are good and decent folk, and like me they feel in their hearts that a creative force is behind all life and existence.
Not so the traitor Archbishops in the pay of dark and destructive unnatural forces. The sword of truth awaits them!

BNP spokesman and legal adviser Lee Barnes has his say:
The Church of England is a vile organisation, infested with pederasts who are protected by Bishops and priests from prosecution and riddled with Marxists who worship Che Guevara instead of Jesus Christ and Marx instead God [sic].


  1. I arent as intelligent as a lot of you on here i can tell by the comments.However i do have my view on the Church.They have had so much bad publicity brought upon themselves.They have let thousands of children down.Both male and female.Sadly its a perfect cover for a pervert.Who would you trust with your children more than a mna / woman of God.No matter which domination you belong to.I believe the 'Church' still has a lot of its own cleaning up to do,and soul searching.Without bringing politics into it.At the end of the day they will get theirs thats for sure.

  2. Reverend RMB West seems questionable for many reasons, but nobody is suggesting that his Church is 'a perfect cover for a pervert'.

  3. i was talking about religious men/women in general Most certainly not Mr West.Why is he under question when the church is full of perverts NOT HIM

  4. Why shouldn't political candidates be questioned?