Thursday, 23 July 2009

More on Robert West’s campaign in Norwich North

After reading the previous article, you must wonder where would a 15 year-old boy learn such language and such attitudes?

From a family where BNP views are tolerated and encouraged, of course, and from them back to the leadership of the BNP that 'gives permission' for such cruel bigotry against others.

And where does the leadership of the BNP get the "authority" to hold such views?

Why, look no further than the BNP candidate for Norwich North, the humiliated charlatan cleric Robert West -

From SeismicShock:

The constitution of Robert West’s Christian Council of Britain contains scandalous comparisons with the African slave trade.

In Norwich North, where West is running for a seat, it now emerges that the BNP has apparently been lying about council housing, claiming that locals are losing out to African immigrants.

These people have no place in Norwich, no place anywhere. Vote them out.

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  1. This bigot should not be elected to Parliament and in these tough times when the BNP are benefiting by the Governments failure to resonate with thier core voters there is a risk the BNP could gain seats such as Norwich. We just need to reflect on The European Results to assess the risk. I only hope that the good people of Norwcih give the Labour Candidate thier support becasue he is the only credible Candidate.