Wednesday, 15 July 2009

"Reverend" West in his own words II


In this video Robert West is challenged about his views. He suggests that rational arguments give clarity of thought. Not a bad idea. Let's put it into practice.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk took a transcript of the "Reverend" West's words from 59 seconds into this short film, from where West starts to justify the Biblical basis for the separation of so-called 'races' into nations.

The "Reverend" Robert West of the Christian Council of Britain says:

"The Bible does in fact record God's will to divide the human race into nations, which is why we are all very different, and God's will is to preserve the nations to give them the space and peace to seek Him.

"If you bring all the nations together in a cheek by jowl situation, this will tend to the atomisation of a cohesive society and will tend to produce conflict, which is of course what some of the opponents of the BNP are concerned with."

Jonathan Bartley of Ekklesia, a Christian think-tank, says:

"I'd like to ask which theological college did you go to? Because every church up and down Britain I think without exception has said that is a load of rubbish, and have also pointed to the extremist and racial policies of the BNP.

"That is just theologically incoherent and not within any kind of Christian tradition whatever, with the past exception of the (apartheid) churches in South Africa."

See the Youtube video for yourself:

The BNP is re-writing Christian theology here, using strange ideas that seem to suggest people who look alike should form strictly separate nations.

This seems to go against Christian ideas that we are all the Children of God, one human family, and it contradicts Biblical stories like that of the Good Samaritan, which teaches helping one another across cultural and ethnic boundaries.

The BNP has failed to impress mainstream Christians with its extreme policies, so in retaliation, it seems, the BNP founded the Christian Council of Britain which (as shown in this video) has just ONE member - West himself.

Do we really want someone like Robert West having anything to do with the good people of Norwich North?

Robert West, by his own 'rational arguments' of separation would have all those with black hair move to Drayton, red-heads to Thorpe St Andrew, blondes to Hellesdon, silver-tops to Sewell, auburns to Old Catton and brunettes to Sprowston.

Those with multi-coloured highlights are in deep deep trouble.

Don't even ask about Baldies.

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