Tuesday, 14 July 2009

West against almost everything


The "Reverend" Robert West, 53, is the BNP candidate for Norwich North.

He lives in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, but claims he is qualified to stand for Norwich North because he has done some supply teaching in Norwich in the past.

According to the BBC LookEast site, Mr West is a former Army officer, who has a theology diploma and BSc in Economics, and who works as a speaker and supply teacher.

West founded the Christian Council of Britain (CCoB) with the BNP. As recently as 2006 he denied being a member of the BNP, but was found out when the BNP's membership list was published, whereupon he proclaimed he was proud to be a member of the BNP.

West was caught out in another untruth last Saturday when he went along with claims to the police that three campaigners of HOPE not hate, Norfolk, were assaulting his much larger group.

In fact it was Robert West's own minder who attacked one of the campaigners.

In addition, the slippery "Reverend" has yet to answer reasonable questions regarding his ordination.

West has published several leaflets and articles making 'theological' arguments for various intolerances, and regularly gives speeches on the subject. West tries to justify the crude racism and apartheid policies of the BNP through a selective reading of the Bible.

West's version of Christiantiy is based on a literal reading of the Old Testament, and tends towards fire and brimstone interpretations.

West is against the EU, NATO, the UN and all other multilateral institutions. He's against the universal declaration of human rights. He's against all immigration, including legal immigrants, legal and needed migrant workers, legal refugees and asylum seekers.

He is against the mingling of so-called different 'races', and against so-called 'mixed marriages'.

He is against 'left-wingers', against the 'liberal elite', against homosexuality, against trade unions, against the BBC and against 'Jerry Springer - The Opera'.

Robert West is also against the Church of England, against the Methodists and other 'institutional churches, against 'some' Baptists, Islam, the Jews, and very much against the Roman Catholic Church.

He is even against women taking careers of their own and working outside of the home.

You can find more about what Robert West is against in his own words here -

West says: "We will be fighting this by-election on local issues and how they are impacted by the mass immigration invasion of this country."

However the truth is that he only arrived in Norwich last Saturday, where he was welcomed in the car park of a derelict pub by a motley crew of about twenty supporters, a few of whom were not even based in Norwich.

West demonstrated by his tardiness and neglect of the electorate that he is really not interested in local issues.

Robert West says: "We intend to establish the BNP as a name in the area in order to build for future elections."

HOPE not hate, Norfolk, says: "We intend to establish the BNP as unfit for any political office in order to build for future elections and a better Britain."

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