Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The less-publicised parties


Independent candidates for the North Norwich by-election Craig Murray and Bill Holden are complaining in their blogs that institutional exposure, for example in hustings and on the BBC, unfairly favour the 'main' parties. But some candidates have been far less exposed than they have been.

I am guilty of not writing more about the smaller parties before, but earlier trawls of the net for more details did not catch much information.

This by-election was expected for the auturmn, and so it has taken time for all candidates to produce informative websites.
So here follows some information about the less-well-known candidates taken from their sites. Please visit their websites for more:

The Libertarians have come to town in the form of 18-year-old Thomas Burridge.

He vows to make Chloe Smith and her brand of career Conservatism "history."

He might not do it this time round. But the likes of Chloe Smith, who represent the "old guard" of professional politicians, will go the way of the dinosaurs one day (arguably in less than a decade).

Why? Because no substance, image-only politicians like Chloe Smith (and her puppet master David Cameron) are NOT relevant to Britain’s society today. They are not interested in life experience. All they are after is a career in politics.

In other words, they have their sights on YOUR (tax) money. Yes, they might do a token job of cleaning up MPs expenses. But make no mistake, professional politicians like Chloe Smith and David Cameron will find a way of getting their "squeaky clean" mits on your tax dollars (I’d should have said pounds, but it never sounds as good).

Why are the Libertarians any different?Because Libertarians do not believe in career politics. Nor do they believe in big, bloated government – local or national. They believe in low taxes and freedom of the individual to live his or her life as they choose, so long as it does not harm others in any way.

What’s more, Libertarians encourage self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Unlike the Tories and Labour, they don’t maintain a welfare system that makes if more lucrative for a million or more people to languish on incapacity benefits, rather than gain the self-respect of earning money through a job or by being self-employed.

But wait, the Norwich North Libertarian candidate is only 18…You could argue that a kid of 18 hasn’t got any life experience. And you’d have a fair point. But if you bear in mind that 1 million 18-24 year olds in Britain have no training and no jobs, you could argue that Thomas Burridge is a valid spokesperson for his generation – unlike the Tory Cloe Smith who, as I’ve said, is merely looking to feather her nest as a professional politician.

Ian Parker-Joseph, leader of the Libertarian Party UK, puts it this way:

"One of the things that has been made clear, especially by the younger members of our party, is that the so called ’experts’, the ’professional politicians’ and the older generations have seriously let them down, left them with debts that they will probably never be able to repay and they are mightily hacked off about it.

"They now want their say, in the places that matter, in those places where the decisions are made, and Thomas is one such young man, who having now completed his exams in political studies is ready to stand up and be counted.

"It comes down to the old adage, If you keep voting the same, you will continue to get the same. So it is time for new, fresh faces with fresh ideas to come forward to keep these older politicians on their toes, to start putting forward policies that put the people first, that honestly take care of our rights, liberties and freedoms that the older generations of politicians have eroded, and are continuing to undermine and erode.

"Lastly, all I can say is: Don’t vote for career politicians like Chloe Smith, they’ll only rip you off for yet more taxes (the Tories aren’t really the party of low taxes, any more than Labour is).

Instead, vote Libertarian. Vote for individual freedom. Be all that you can be. Burridge was interviewed on Future radio. The audio is available on the Future Radio website.

None of the Above (NOTA)

NOTA exists solely to advocate, promote and facilitate the POSITIVE abstention facility on ballot papers - giving power back to the electorate.

At the moment - many of the electorate see the present political system as being a choice between - beng run over by a bus or being run over by a train!

NOTA is doing the job of the Electoral Commission whose Chair person recently said: "I think too many of us forget who, exactly, the elections are there to benefit. We forget that these are NOT aimed at helping governments or parties or individual candidates. They are for Voters, to give them a Voice. To help them effect change they want to see. So we need to start putting Voters first. So, how are we going to do it? How are we going to put Voters back at the heart of the System? - The answer is quite clear - VOTE NOTA.

"From the small number of people we've spoken to, with our limited resources, the feedback is positive and the indications are that with NOTA (None of the Above) as an option on the ballot paper then the non Voter would be converted to a Voter!"

Anne Fryatt is representing the None of The Above Party

Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Alan "Howling Laud" Hope

Norwich bye-elecshun Manifesto


EDUKASHUN - We propose a return to basics, to the three 'R's.Reeding,Riting, and rock 'n' roll. Teech the kidz to reed and rite proper like their momz and dadz.

We pledge to reduce class sizes by making the pupils sit closer together and issuing them with smaller desks.

ENVIRONMENT - To avoid flooding in Norwich from the River Wensum, all houses will have foundations made of sponge, in order to soak up any surplus water.

We will clean up the River Wensum by introducing crocodiles into the river. You may laugh, but whenever you see a wildlife programme on t.v. are'nt the crocodile swamps always clean? A pirate ship will be moored at all times on the banks of the River Wensum. Any local politicians found to be lying to the electorate will be forced to walk the plank.




"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you " R.U.Seerius

Independent - Peter Baggs

Hi, my name's Peter Baggs, married these last 23 years, 59 years of age and until now quite happy in my role of plastering contractor.

Recently, I have become annoyed by the politicians who instead of ruling for us seem intent on ruling over us and our wishes. It seemed the only way of changing this was a bloody revolution, but we are British and that would not do.

Then it occurred to me that it will be possible to have a revolution in a peaceful way, assuming that we are fed up with the way things are, if we are willing to make the effort to use the constitution to change it. So I have set up this website as the first step on the way for us to rule our own country using the technology we have developed over the last decade or two.The main way our MPs get to be MPs is by joining a political party and making their way up through the ranks of fellow politicos until they are picked as a prospective candidate. By and large they are then expected to follow the party line, which as we all know isn't necessarily a good thing.Labour wants us to vote them back in so they can carry on with their plan (after all this time I still don't know what that is) and the Conservatives say "Remember, a vote for the Conservatives is the only way to change our Government." Well actually it's not, a better way would be for us to choose real representatives who would respect and obey the majorities’ wishes and run this country for us accordingly.



  1. Check out more interviews with all the candidates on the Future Radio website -

  2. So what would the libertarians do with the genuine sick? Do they actually believe the tories and labour have a system whereby its better for people to languish on incapacity benefit, instead of working?

    To me, they show a dangerous lack of knowledge, as neither parties make it easy for people on incapacity benefit, in fact they want to chuck as many people as possible of it.

    People dont get much on incapacity, and are hassled quite a lot with medicals, forms etc.

    Perhaps the libertarians should research this issue properly, and see just how much misery people on incap (and the new ESA system) have to endure, and how many people are forced to appeal and go without during appeals etc.