Friday, 17 July 2009

What lies beneath

Last December the Rt. Hon Ed Balls MP and Norwich City FC Manager Glenn Roeder were pictured showing racism the red card with pupils of Rackheath Primary School at Carrow Road.

Show Racism the Red Card is the campaign that uses top footballers to educate against racism. It is praiseworthy that Norwich City FC is taking such sincere efforts to kick ugly racism out of Carrow Road.

How strange, then, to find offensive racist badges in Canaries' colours openly displayed for sale on the internet.

It's the Bhoys Golly "top quality" enamel pin badge, and it's available for just £2.50 from a company called Calder Designs.

'Golly' images are unkind stereotypical racial caricatures that are hurtful and enraging to many.

Since it began to dawn on good people that such "fun" cartoon figures caused pain and controversy, decent British companies have ceased producing these demeaning images.

Norwich City FC has a fine anti-racism campaign in place. The Club at Carrow Road might well have something to say about the open sale of such figures. Imagine standing with your black friend beside a person with such an offensive badge on his lapel. Imagine being that black friend and seeing such a caricature.

Why would anyone want to sell images that cause pain to others? Who would be so insensitive to the feelings of others that they would sell such racist material in the first place?

Calder Designs website is selling the "Canaries"golly badges, and Calder Designs is registered to someone called Martin Roberts.

Martin Roberts is a former BNP Worcester organiser, and he has a history. Mr Roberts claims to be a Falkland War veteran, although this is disputed, and - this is where it gets really interesting - he now lives at Potter Heigham, Norfolk.

Calder Designs is still registered to Roberts' old Worcester address, and it's hosted by Noisy Dinosaur
Noisy Dinosaur is run by the BNP's web guru Lambertus "Bep" Nieuwhof, a South African who once tried to bomb a school.

According a Guardian report, "Lambertus Nieuwhof is a white supremacist who planted a bomb at a mixed-race school in South Africa as part of a campaign of terror designed to destabilise the post-apartheid government has become a leading figure in the British National party's online operation.

"Nieuwhof . . . was given a suspended sentence after he and two other men tried to bomb the Calvary church school in Nelspruit in 1992. The bomb, which was made from 25kg of stolen explosives, failed to go off.

"Now it has emerged that Mr Nieuwhof, who moved to the UK in 1994, has helped set up a number of BNP websites through his company Vidronic Online, as well as helping to establish a BNP branch near his home last November.

"Researchers at the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight, who uncovered Mr Nieuwhof's terrorist past, say his appearance is part of a wider trend. "We know that several far right extremists have left South Africa and have put down roots among groups such as the BNP and pose a growing problem," said Gerry Gable of Searchlight.

"At his home . . . Mr Nieuwhof admitted his role in the bomb plot. "I was a young man and impressionable. It was in the evening and we were trying to make a point because it was a mixed-race school, not hurt anybody." He said he had turned his back on violence and now believed in the "power of the pen and the ballot box". "

So the Canaries' golly is being sold by Martin Roberts through an on-line company hosted by the notorious South African BNP organiser, Lambertus Nieuwhof.

But the interesting string of connections does not end there.

The picture below was taken last Saturday, July 11. It was taken in the car park of a derelict and boarded-up pub, the Duke of Norfolk on Mousehold Lane, on the outskirts of Norwich. It was taken by one of the HOPE not hate, Norfolk's three campaigners who learned that supporters of the "Reverend" Robert West had arranged a welcome reception for West.

Robert West is the BNP candidate for the Norwich North seat to be contested in the by-election slated for July 23. (The photograph and much of the research is courtesy of Atreus of Norfolk Unity. )

The picture, according to reliable sources, shows the BNP's Martin Roberts of Calder Designs (left).

If so, then this Martin Roberts is the peddler of the racist Canary golly, whose website is hosted by a South African terrorist.

He is speaking on his mobile phone next to the BNP's "Reverend" Robert West, who is a candidate for the Norwich North by-election in six days time.

Please show the red flag to the repulsive politics of hatred and division.

Kick the BNP out of Norfolk.

EDIT 10.06.12

I just saw the comment below, followed it up, and blimey, Anon is right:

Mr Martin Roberts is Chairman of Wroxham Football Club and his contact address is his business email
(See: )

He is still touting his products, fair enough, he is trying to make some money - but I wonder whether he is still peddling those nasty little racist caricatures?


  1. Now chairman of Wroxham Fc

  2. So what. He wants to keep great britain great. After yesterday I think he's spot on. Pity a few more don't try and do something about it instead of just talking about it.

  3. By selling gollywogs? Don't be ridiculous.

  4. Surely this is a Celtic badge and not a Canary one?

  5. I can categorically confirm that Mr Roberts is NOT a Falklands war veteran and should be ashamed of himself to even portray himself as this. He has NEVER served in the Forces as he likes to say he has and actually worked for NAAFI in the shop. This man is a liar and will say and do anything to get his own way. Be very wary of him.

    1. Admin - please post my earlier comment. I wish to complain about the last comment in this message trail which is factually untrue and slanderous

    2. I do not know where your catagorical confirmation has come from, however you seem keen to belittle Mr Roberts. I am fully aware that he trained with the Royal Marines in Norway, was stationed for 6 months on the Ascension Islands during the Falklands War and has received a medal and veterans medal direct from the MOD in this respect. Nobody has ever said or implied that he was a war hero. Having known Mr Roberts for many years, he in no way reflects your portrayal of him.

  6. I can categorically confirm that he trained with Royal Marine commandos in Norway, was stationed on the Ascention Islands for 6 months and received a Falklands Medal and a veterans pin direct from the MOD. Climb back in your box you piece of slime

  7. Martin Roberts has served in the forces and has a Falklands Medal and a veterans medal direct from the MOD. I can categorically confirm your post is factually incorrect and slanderous. I suggest you crawl back under the stone you came from.

  8. Hello, Martin, thanks for taking such a keen interest in this old post. So you did not actually serve in The Falklands, but were recognised for your work supporting the war from your base on Ascension. Glad that is cleared up. Are you still selling gollywogs?