Thursday, 2 July 2009

BNP's 'Slippery' West

(Great youtube commentary on the the BNP's candidate for Norwich North here.)

From  Norfolk Unity by Denise G:

The BNP's strange decision to nominate the slippery "Reverend" West has been something of a gift to Norfolk anti-fascists. His refusal to come clean regarding the validity of his alleged ordination is already being discussed in the local press, and we expect the matter to be persued by television journalists if the BNP allows their candidate to go before the cameras.

In Norwich North the BNP will be looking to save its deposit. Anything else would be a bonus, bolstering the party's premature claim to have broken into the mainstream. The only occasion on which the BNP tested the electoral waters in the area was in the June County Council elections, when local organiser Julia Howman stood in Sprowston, coming last but with 6.67% of the vote (UKIP polled 19.11%).

Anti-fascist campaigners will be attempting to keep the BNP's vote below the 5% required to save its deposit.

Questions have also been raised concerning the political past of UKIP candidate Glenn Tingle.

Rumours have been planted (by BNP members we must stress) that Tingle was once a National Front activist in Norwich. Though UKIP supporters have denied the rumour, to date we have yet to hear Mr Tingle make a direct refutation. Verifiable information on the truth of the rumour is welcomed, but we do not intend to repeat anything not backed by concrete fact.

The campaign against the BNP in Norwich North is being organised by Norfolk HOPE not hate and Norwich Trades Council. If you can help out on the ground please contact the campaign via the main HOPE not hate website, the Norwich Trade Council website, or the Norfolk HOPE not hate blog.

Other local websites that will be covering the by-election and supporting the anti-fascist campaign are Norfolk Unity and Great Yarmouth HOPE not hate.


  1. "Slippery when West"
    BWAhahaha, very good.
    I read his words in your other article and am not very impressed, but not many in Norwich North would vote for this "Reverend".

  2. Here we go again.Another site at it.Why not try and do something else,a different topic.Its all getting a bit stale.So many sites all saying the same thing.All youre doing is giving them more and more publicity.To be honest 1,000,000 voted them in democratically,so if the reverend gets in or not let the people make up their own minds.Too many people thinking for others.Guess what we have a brain and can make our own decisions.

  3. " date we have yet to hear Mr Tingle make a direct refutation" - have you actually asked him ?

  4. To Anon at 21.51:

    Of course you can make your own decision. Nobody is arguing with that. But not everyone agrees with the policies of the BNP - not everyone voted for them, did they?

    I think giving the BNP 'more publicity' is a good idea, because it shows what silly policies they have.

    I dislike the BNP's policies of despair and division, and it is my right to explain why.

    At this time we need to work together for the good of our country, not turn on one other.

    But thanks for your comment. I'm glad you are exploring HOPE not hate, Norfolk.