Saturday, 25 July 2009

BNP fail again

(Another) test in public opinion since the BNP gained an MEP in the North West ended in humiliation yesterday as the fascist party saw its vote slashed in half in the Reddish North by-election in Stockport. The BNP saw its 2008 vote of 402 in Reddish North slump to just 195 yesterday despite active campaigning by its North West region.

In a ward won comfortably by Labour, with an increased share of the vote, BNP polled 7.9%, a drop of 6.6% on its 2008 result.

Only a few days ago the party boasted on having 40 activists from around region out campaigning.

"This was, in essence, a training day, for canvassers and logistics and although I and regional organiser Alistair Barbour were on hand to assist and offer advice, the whole operation was carried out by local activists,” said Clive Jefferson.

“This has been a low-key campaign up to now. Although we don’t expect to win either seat, we are confident of good percentages.”

Fortunately the people of Reddish North were not prepared to accept the BNP’s politics of hate. A hardhitting HOPE not hate leaflet was distributed by local activists across the ward and several people contacted us in a direct response.

Well done to everyone who took part in the campaign. Now our attention turns to a by-election next week in neighbouring Tameside. This should be a slightly harder fight but with another localised leaflet produced we are expecting the BNP to be defeated again.

HOPE not hate

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